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Will you have a private bathroom in your new apartment? I’m sure it won’t have the luxurious 6 jet tub, his and her sinks, and bountiful counter space like it had in your apartment hunting dreams. This might be the smallest room in your new space, but with a few useful tips you can make it count.

Shower Curtain1. Start With the Shower Curtain

Not sure where to start when decorating your new bathroom? How about a shower curtain! Choose a favorite pattern filled with colors that you love. Pick a shower curtain that reflects the theme you would like to achieve in your new bathroom and then take it with you while shopping. Your new shower curtain will love accompanying you to buy paint, rugs, towels, and even art.

2. Small Spaces and Calm Colors

Choose the calmest or lightest color in your new shower curtain for painting the walls. Small spaces need quiet colors. The bathroom is one space where painting all 4 walls is a must, so pick a color that doesn’t overwhelm. Remember, this color will surround you during each and every bubble bath.

3. Fewer Linens May Lead to More Utility

How big is your new bathroom? Maybe a pack of 3 rugs won’t be right for your new space. If you’re short on under the sink space or even washing machine capacity, maybe you should only purchase a few towels. Make sure these pieces match your color scheme, which should be no problem since you have your shower curtain by your side helping make the decisions.

4. Fix It Up with Personalized Fixtures

A couple of weeks after move in, you might notice that the water pressure in your shower doesn’t quite Bathroom Sink Fixturesrinse your conditioner as you’re accustomed to. Or, maybe your new bathroom doesn’t have a hand towel rack or enough space for hanging bath towels. Don’t let this stuff bother you, just update the fixtures to fit your needs. Try a pressure creating shower head to solve even the soapiest of rinsing issues. Get an over the door towel rack to hide and dry bath towels. As a fun addition, purchase some jewelry hooks to hang on the wall and hang your favorite necklaces and bracelets. This will allow for easy access to your most-worn pieces and add some eye-catching color to this small space.

5. Keep it Organized

Shampoo, lotion, deodorant, deep conditioning treatment, perfume, mouthwash, and holy heck what are you going to do with all of that toothpaste? Where will you put it all? In a small space, keeping your endless hair products and dentist freebies organized is a must. Avoid frustration by purchasing a set of small plastic drawers for under the sink, and take advantage of over-the-toilet storage units for some extra space. .Is the bathroom a shared space? Keep your morning and nightly routine in a sink caddy so it stays organized and can easily be put away. Whatever you do, don’t commit the ultimate bathroom sin and leave dropped toothpaste in the sink.

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