5 Places You're Forgetting to Look

Moving Out

Empty Apartment
Your old apartment now has bare walls, empty closets, and the stain on the carpet you had covered with your favorite rug is fully exposed. With one hand on the light switch and a nostalgic smile (or grimace) on your face, you can’t help but notice the feeling… after living in this space for 12 months you are surely forgetting something.

  1. Under The Refrigerator
    In the hollow under your favorite appliance lies an army of crumbs you’d love to forget. But, what about the missing serving spoon your grandmother left you in her will? Or, the pile of change that equals the contents of a 5 year old’s piggy bank? A favorite earring? Get a feel for the cool tile in your kitchen and give the space under the refrigerator a peek. Besides, a quick sweep under the fridge might earn you some bonus points with The Landlord.

  2. Trash
    What does your lease say about charges for trash left behind on move out day? Some complexes charge as much as $50-100 a bag for trash left behind. This money will just simply be deducted from your deposit before you even get your hands on it. Take out the trash, it will be the easiest $50 you’ve ever saved… no coupon necessary.

  3. Behind The Washing Machine
    Where’s your favorite shirt? Did you let your sister borrow it to impress her date last week? No, you’d never do that… but where is it? Take a look in the space behind your washing machine and dryer, you never know when your clothes might have fallen off.

  4. The Shower Head You Installed
    Splurging on a shower head to increase water pressure and save on electricity was such a brilliant idea, but forgetting a $50 shower head isn’t. Make sure you look around your old apartment for home improvements or fixtures you paid for out of pocket so your new apartment can be just as personalized. Just don’t forget to leave the old shower head in sight to avoid charges

  5. The Medicine Cabinet
    Every night for the past year you brush, spit, rinse, and put your nightly routine back into the medicine cabinet. But perhaps, at a different time of the day when you were packing an endless accumulation of soaps, sprays, and deodorant you might have forgotten to open this little cabinet. For you guys out there, the cologne your wife gave you for Christmas was pretty expensive… so save yourself some dollars grab the forgotten goods
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