What are some of the things I can do near the beach?

Living in Clearwater apartments can actually be quite entertaining for nearly all individuals living in this area. From camping to shopping, Clearwater is certain to keep you busy throughout the year.

Living in Florida, many residents in this area tend to be fans of outdoor activities. Mainly because the sunshine state does offer nearly year-round warmth, much of the city has adapted to the state's strengths.

If you love to camp, try camping right on the Gulf of Mexico. Although some beach areas are limited when it comes to over night stays, Clearwater's Fort Desoto Park offers overnight camping to all. This outdoor oasis encompasses beach and lake waters within its embedded twist of history. Fort Desoto Park, known for its protective fort, still holds its past's embellishes on along the shore line such as a giant mortar battery that sits in the middle of the park. Fort Desoto is one of the top ranked beaches in the country and offers numerous activities for its visitors. These activities include kayaking, hiking and exploring one of its five different islands. This park also comes equipped with life guard services, unlimited parking and bathrooms.

If you thrive on the beach life, there is plenty to do for those who seek adventure. Living in Clearwater apartments affords you the luxury to partake in many of its water sports and excursions. For starters, flight excursions are offered every day throughout the day. You can jump on a small Cessna flight and explore the views of Clearwater Beach. Here, you can enjoy an aerial of the Skyway Bridge, beaches and parks. Kite boarding has become exponentially popular over the last few years. This extreme sport has taken surfing and wakeboarding to the next level. Many areas of Clearwater beach offer lessons throughout the day for those you bare the challenge. Kayaking is another water-based activity that can either be a great workout or just a relaxing passer of time. For those who are not timid by heights, parasailing trips are also offered on the beaches from sunrise to sunset. Most of course, feel free to take out your boat or rent a jet ski for days out on the warm gulf waters.

Additionally, you can also engage in the traditional beach activities such as volleyball, fishing and boating. Clearwater Beach has a number of fishing charter and party boats that leave the pier throughout the day. Sunset Cinema Pier 60 is another attraction that brings many visitors and tourist to the area. Many residents in Clearwater take up roller blading, skate boarding and biking throughout the pier's wooden planks.

Shopping is another favorite activity among those taking up residency in apartments near Clearwater. Westfield Countryside Shopping Center is loaded with over 160 stores. There are also several outdoor malls that carry a variety of stores included gift shops and bathing suit shops. International Plaza is not too far from the Clearwater area. This mall carries high end retail to name brand recognition.

These are just few of the activities located near and on the beach. Aside from filling up at the city's local restaurants, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Clearwater.

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