I really love downtown St. Pete, are there any affordable housing options nearby?

Are you struggling to find affordable apartments in St. Pete? The hunt for low-cost housing has always been a common thread amongst renters, especially as economical costs continue to increase.

Avoiding financial instability is often on the forefront of one's mind when searching for a new home. Fortunately, for those searching for apartments in St. Pete, the city offers a variety of housing options to accommodate to all individuals.

Downtown St. Pete has grown exponentially over the last few years in both its industrial aspects and population.  With three college campuses located near downtown St. Pete, many younger residents have recently moved into the downtown location, creating an artistic and nightlife scene. With that being said, a student district environment has somewhat been created by the newly established population.

Properties near the University of South Florida and St. Pete College generally cater to a student budget. This brings about several benefits. First, these St. Pete apartments may be well in one's budget, however, if you are not a student you may have concerns with staying in this particular area. However, know that this student deemed area may differ from most. Many students that attend these local colleges are generally upperclassman or graduate students. Secondly, Downtown St. Pete is more focused on an older aged populous, enforcing a 21 and up entrance at most bars. Although this may still be a deterrence to those not attending school, you can expect your neighbors to be less of a nuisance than you would normally anticipate.

Additionally, there are other local areas near downtown that are not just occupied by students. If you want to stick to the center of entertainment, you may consider looking for St. Pete apartments near Jannus live or on 4th street. These locations tend to be inexpensive for being in the heart of such a bustling district. Alternatively, living just outside of downtown can effectively help to reduce living costs. Homes located on the outskirt of town generally tend to be less costly and may even provide a tenant with more privacy and space. Searching for properties in these areas may also even allow you the flexibility to select from different types of housing option. These can include modern lofts, luxury units or even historic units.

An important key take away when searching for affordable apartments in St. Pete is to stay away from the more well known suburbs such as Old Historic Northeast, while these neighborhoods are highly reputable and very well suited to families, they tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum and may be more catered to home owners. However, there are fairly priced units throughout the area.

In sum, finding a low cost home is ultimately subjective to one's own budget. However, there area distinct areas within the city that are known for its lower priced units, such as those located next to the local colleges. As with most cities, living just outside of downtown can always help cut costs since most of those areas are in higher demand.

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