Where do I find affordable smaller apartments in St. Pete?

Having trouble searching for affordable apartments in St. Pete? The term ‘affordable' coins different connotations in different individuals. If you have begun your search for St. Pete apartments, I am sure by now you are orbiting the city berating your mind with the ideal cute cottage nestled perfectly on the outskirt of downtown and the beach. Although this might not exactly fir your budget depending on your needs, gaining a decent understanding of what the city has to offer will give yourself the palate to make an informed decision.

Advice dispensed on what is an affordable unit can be quite vague when it comes to looking for a place under a specific budget. Affordable can mean several things to different people. For example, snagging a great apartment during a half price move in special, or getting a fair deal based on square footage may also be equally as viable.

The city of St. Pete has a variety of different communities and properties from historical elements to new wave trends. Depending on what type of living you prefer could weigh heavily on price and location in this city.

Generally, most young resident tend to settle down in St. Pete apartment located in the downtown area. The University of South Florida and St. Pete College both reside in this area, helping turn the district in to a student centered arena. Downtown St. Pete apartments are blended with metropolitan flare and a Manhattan suburban vibe. The community is enriched in pubs, sleek restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Just nearby, there is also plenty of grasslands and park space in the heart of the town. Additionally, downtown is just a few minutes from the beach as well. If you are into music, there is a great music scene in this area. Jannus Live and State Theatre are located just near the colleges.

As a result of the student population in downtown, units can be quite affordable. Many loft style spaces reside above shops and restaurants and often make a suitable and cost effectively living arrangement. There are also dorm-like style properties just near USF and SPC. The average one to two bedroom unit in this area can range from $750-$1,200. Keep in mind, however, that these units may be smaller, averaging at about 800 square feet.

If you would like to look just outside of town, there are plenty of bungalow types of homes that will provide you with more square footage at or around the same cost. The surrounding locations, however, may not be near as much entertainment.

GulfPort Is another tendy option with very affordable housing that is just near the beach. Homes in this area do tend to be older and can be near major streets. Entertainment may not be as plenty but there are small strips of bars and parks to enjoy just near St. Pete apartments in this area.

There are affordable properties throughout St. Pete which makes it all the more difficult when looking for cheaper units to live in. Going into your search, you do know that the average floorplan in downtown may cost you in the $1,000 range but may get you a smaller dwelling. Although the price may stay stagnant in parts surrounding the entertainment district, the square footage may be more plentiful.


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