Where should I look when searching for Apartments in Tampa near International Plaza?

Are you aimlessly searching for apartments in Tampa near the International Mall? If you are a frequent shopper, then living by a mall will certainly be a beneficial decision. Living near a shopping center, however, can be quite an overwhelming task. There are several local precincts surrounding this major mall.

Tampa Bay's International Plazais arguably the most popular shopping plaza in the Hillsborough County region. Newer than the competing malls nearby, this shopping mecca is complete with a variety of stores, bars and restaurants making the area entertaining and convenient. With over 200 stores, many find it difficult to find something that this retail center does not offer. From Nordstrom, to forever 21, H&M, Zara, Tiffany's, Tory Burch, Neiman Marcus and everything in between, you will surely never tire from your seemingly limitless options.

Living in apartments in Tampa near this high-end market place allows you to be closely located next to several convenient areas. These places include the airport, beaches, downtown, South Tampa, Raymond James Stadium and the Westshore district. As you can see, apartments in Tampa near this specific neighborhood are in the center of Tampa's finest communities.

The airport is located literally next door to International Plaza. This is a great area not only for commuters, but also for those who also prefer to be located next to major roadways and lots of restaurants. The surrounding perimeters are also filled with a plethora of bars, restaurants and boutiques. Depending on where you prefer to live, homes in this area can range in pricing. There are newer properties just outside of the airport area. As you travel further away, the communities tend to be a little old, sporting an old Florida style architecture.

Similarly close to plaza are the beaches. The causeway, although not a full beach, is just a two-minute drive. Here, you can find brand new units, popular hotels, and diners on the water. To search for places in this area, look in the Rocky Point community.

Downtown and South Tampa are two other surrounding regions where you can look for apartments in Tampa near the large shopping center. These two districts are up to a ten-minute drive from the mall, however, there are single specialty stores and boutiques in these suburbs such as Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.

Yes, there are several large territories to consider when looking to live near your desired stomping ground. You may even be overwhelmed by your option by now. The easiest way to narrow down your search is to limit your possibilities by price. Each district can range from very cheaply priced to luxury costs, however, you will see can compare the types of homes each location offers for the same price. South Tampa normally runs are the pricier side, followed by Downtown, Rocky Pointe and Westshore. The suburbs further away from the airport, those specifically located on Dale Mabry and other major interstates tend to be priced more favorably, but may be a little older than those located just seconds away from the airport or shopping district.


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