Are there any places to live near malls and the beach?

Clearwater apartments are well intertwined between the Gulf coast's sandy shores and metropolitan urbanization. Finding the perfect location for you new home is often seen as a formulaic approach. When looking for a humble abode that will be perfectly centered near your two favorite aspects of the city, you may find that there is a general lassitude to beginning the search that can be frightfully draining—especially given you will be living in that property for next 12 months.

When searching for Clearwater apartments, you want your future dwelling to fit the needs of your preferences, alleviating any fear of discomfort or inconvenience. In this instance, you will need to find a home that equally balances the drive to a mall and the ocean while assuring that the property remains in your budget.

The city of Clearwater is more commonly known for its pure white sand and warm salt waters. Although there are plenty of other aspects to the city, shopping does not seem to be one of the prevalent ones. I am sure, however, that there is a vestigial amount of residents in the area who love both the beach and shopping. Unfortunately, the surrounding neighborhoods in the Pinellas County region are limited with shopping malls. The biggest obstacle that you will face when looking for Clearwater apartments near both the ocean and the mall, is that these units are rare to exist.

Clearwater apartments do tend to be relatively affordable but can be more expensive than one would expect, especially when they are located closer to the water. Choices, however, aren't made mindlessly based on price alone. It is the investment in the convenience behind the price. The closer you stay to the actual beach areas, such as those units near Pier 60, the further you will be away from any sort of established mall.

If you are set on having to live near a high-end shopping center filled with your favorite stores, the best place to consider is Rocky Point. Rocky Point is just minutes away from International Plaza. The homes here come with an ocean view and are quite affordable. Although these units may not allow you to rent a lawn chair and lay out in the sun, they are on the coast. This means that the beach areas are more of a shore line than filled with pearl white sand and plenty of space. Many in the area take up these coastal areas for fishing or use them as a dog beaches. Residents are still able to enjoy a view of the water and sandy shores, however, they may not pursue the urge to swim in the water in those areas.

Clearwater apartments at Rocky Point are just a fifteen-minute drive to the actual beaches. This location tends to strike a nice balance in location as far as being next to the beach and mall. This community also tends to be more laid back and less touristy than those communities located near the pier. It is located just across the street from the airport, just a few minutes from downtown Tampa and just around the corner from popular bay area neighborhoods such as SoHo and Westshore.


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