Are there places to live near the Tropicana Field?

Are you searching for St. Pete apartments near the Tropicana Field? There are plenty of communities to live in near the Tampa Bay Ray's stadium. St. Petersburg consists of a vibrant mix of fast-paced neighborhoods and laid back beach towns.


Located in the second largest city in the Bay area, The Tropicana Field sits in the heart of St. Petersburg. Many apartments in St. Pete located near this area are surrounded by the Bay's warm gulf waters and soft white sand. In addition to the city's thriving art scene, St. Pete has also recently been recognized for its modernized urban dwellings and inviting neighborhoods.  

When searching for an apartment in St. Pete, start in the West business district. This district duals as a business and entertainment region and is where the Trop resides. Although there is much construction in the area, the improvements will involve the opening of many new boutiques and bars around the stadium. Additionally, several new communities have just recently been built within walking distance to the trop.

The residents in the area tend to be relatively young and college aged. The University Park community is just around the corner, located on Central Avenue and 5th Street. The culture is quite modern, consisting of many students and artist.

If you want to live in a more suburb type of setting, Old Historic Northeast sits adjacent to the Rays homeland. This neighborhood is surrounded by million dollars homes, top grade schools, and recreational parks. Old Northeast is known to be more catered to a family-friendly environment and is made up of mostly residential spaces. There are, however, handfuls of restaurants, shops and bars surrounding this part of town.

Roser Park is another neighborhood filled with plenty of spaces to live in. Much like many parts of the city, Roser Park is currently undergoing expansion and construction. This neighborhood is centrally located on 4th street, just next to downtown, the Tropicana Field, and the beaches. Many students find this part of town fairly attractive due to its convenient location. Roser Park is also minutes aware from entertainment, the city's hospitals and schools.

Gulf Port is another eclectic neighborhood that extends to families as well as students. This neighborhood, however, is not within walking distance to the stadium. The homes here are fairly affordable and are in close proximity to downtown and the beaches and a ten-minute commute to the Ray's home.

In general, the area near the Tampa Bay Ray's Dome has become a thriving and expanding residential area. Handfuls of shops, buildings and restaurants have started to populate the area. The beaches and downtown are only a short drive away as well as several family oriented neighborhoods. Rent can range depending on which area you chose to live in. The student regions tend to be more affordable when it comes to renting properties, however, neighborhoods such as Gulfport are a further drive from the Trop. 

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