I want to live near the water but cant afford the water side prices, where is a place to live that is nearby?

Using our search tools can make finding your Tampa apartment an easy task for you! Tampa apartments come in a variety of sizes, locations and amenities. Click on our Tampa apartments resource tab and begin your search! Tampa is surrounded by multiple bodies of water that make finding an apartment near a bay seem like an average accommodation. Tampa apartments can offer more upscale water living such as the Tides and Waters Edge at Marina Harbor to a more humble home near the Hillsborough River. Moving near the beaches attracts an older population where riverside residents are embedded with Tampa’s eccentric business professionals. If you are looking for a gorgeous Gulf view, a Tampa apartment right off of the town’s causeway will be the one for you! Keep in mind that even living in a Tampa apartment in the center of the city, you are still only a short drive away from the water.

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