Are there any Apartments in St. Pete near USF?

Searching for apartments in St. Pete near colleges? SPC, USF and Stetson University College of law all reside near downtown St. Petersburg.

Although the University of South Florida is more commonly known to reside in the center of Tampa Bay, USF has a separately accredited campus located in downtown St. Petersburg. Downtown is quite different from the other parts of town. Here, unlike the beach coast areas, you will find high-rise buildings, much more traffic, culture and art.

This metropolitan community known as the “Burg” is enriched with inviting entertainment, offering its residents plenty of things to do. If you are specifically looking for apartments in St. Pete near the South Florida College, you can typically live anywhere near or in the commercial region of the city and still be within reaching distance of school.

USF is located near the waterside of the urban neighborhood. Generally, most students who attend one of the three institutions in the area find homes near 4th street to be most appealing. Properties on this street are located next to the most popular watering holes and hot spots such as Macdintons and Jannus Live. This area also has several shops such as Urban Outfitters and portrays itself as a little Manhattan, except much more laid back. The community is quite trendy and there are dozens of places to live.

The living situation near the academic buildings is plentiful. Similar to other college towns, apartments in St. Pete come in a variety of types, especially in the center of the city. This neighborhood offers luxury floor plans, lofts, townhomes, and one, two, and three bedroom units. Moreover, this area is just a short drive to the beach, major roadways and the airport. Rent prices vary depending on your exact location and type of dwelling, as they do in most parts of cities.

If you are looking to be within walking distance of campus, you may want to check out places near the University's Residence Hall. Although this building provides students living in dormitory style units, there are lots of housing options available just around the corner. Units surrounding this area can be quite affordable and accommodating to students since most properties are accustomed to having collegiate residents.

Another area, although further from the education sites, is Baywalk. Baywalk is great for those who love to be near dozens of restaurants and shops. Although this region can attract tourist, it is quite convenient and a great local spot to enjoy happy hour and nights out on the town. However, apartments here can be somewhat expensive.

In general, you can basically live anywhere throughout downtown in order to be near your school's property. Most students tend to take up space near 4th street due to its trendy atmosphere and popular restaurants. Looking for a place near the Residence may also become valuable when searching for collegiate style communities. Baywalk is not too far from the University but tends to be catered to business professionals and can be more expensive.


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