Im terrified of heights, do I have to take the skyway bridge to get around town?

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is approximately four miles long and made up of with an infamous cable stayed main span. This bridge connects the St. Pete areas to Manatee and Hillsborough County. This bridge is built over the Tampa Bay waters and has become a popular icon to the Tampa Bay community and the Travel Channel has deemed this bridge one o the top ten bridges in the world! The Skyway Bridge allows you to have to beautiful view of the city while crossing through its modern architectural design. Depending on where your St. Pete apartment is located, you may have already experienced its convenience. However, there are plenty of ways to avoid this skyway freight. The Skyway bridge is a part of I-275 North and US 19, also known as State Road 55. If you are trying to get into Tampa you can take I-275 North to the Veterans express way or into South Tampa and take routs to get into the North Tampa area.

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