How do I maintain a tidy and relaxing bathroom in Tampa apartments?

A well-designed living room and comfortable bedroom are important when moving in to Tampa apartments. However, don't forget about the benefits of an organized and personalized bathroom, which can create a relaxing space to destress after long days. Bathrooms in Tampa apartments come in a few different layouts, include showers, tubs, double mirrors and more, allowing you to choose the best setup for your routine. Taking the extra time to furnish your bathroom with useful and decorative items can help you make the most of renting apartments in Tampa.

What should I expect from bathrooms in Tampa apartments?

From 1 bedroom flats to three bedroom townhomes, apartments in Tampa come in various sizes and layouts. To determine your options, you can view photos on the community page, call the community or schedule an in-person tour to get the best idea of the layout. Keep in mind that pictured bathrooms may not include the exact features in the units available in Tampa apartments. Therefore, make sure to ask specific questions about the unit before making a final decision. Here are a few features to consider in Tampa apartments bathrooms:

  • Bathtubs: Think about how important it is for you to have a long, comfortable bath during the week. If this is a key aspect of your routine, make sure to choose a bathroom with a deep and spacious tub. Some smaller apartments in Tampa have less square feet per bathroom, which means a smaller tub and less room to lounge.
  • Showers: If you enjoy taking showers much more than baths, you may choose a bathroom that includes a shower only. This usually means a flat, tiled space with sliding or hinged glass doors. Unless you prefer them, this eliminates the need for shower curtains as it already prevents water from leaking out of the area. When you want to enjoy a full dip in the water, Tampa apartments with swimming pools can help fulfill this desire.
  • Sinks: If you plan to share a bathroom or just need the extra space, some luxury apartments near Tampa include bathrooms with double sinks and extras mirrors. Double mirrors can expand the feel and look of your bathroom space and help provide additional lighting.

How should I decorate and organize bathrooms in Tampa apartments?

A good place to start when decorating your bathroom is choosing a theme with specific colors and patterns. Since the bathroom is an enclosed space, you have more liberty to change the style from the rest of your unit. Many residents spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready for work, relaxing, doing hair or makeup, prepping for bedtime and more. Creating an enjoyable and well-designed bathroom environment may improve your mood and jump-start your day.

For some residents, basic items like toothpaste holders, soap dispensers and a shower cabby are all they need in the bathroom. However, don't forget there are many useful and fun bathroom accessories to speed up your routine and make life more interesting. Check out this Bustle article for a list of unique shower gadgets and bathroom accessories.
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