Can I still go to the beach during winter?

Lucky for you, it is nearly summer in Florida all summer long! While a few cold fronts may sweep the state during the winter months, it is rare when the temperature drops below 60 even in the coldest months! The beach is open year round for those who wish to visit the gulf after the summer season has faded away. Some beach areas near hotels may even become busier with tourist since other states are experiencing harsher winter. During this season, you can still expect the sunset festivals on pier 60 still continue and most if not all of the shops and boutiques normally stay open. Apartments in Clearwater will never be surrounded by a ghost town even when summer has ended! If you are a native Floridian, the water may be too cold for you to jump in and enjoy a swim. However, for those of you who are from colder and northern states, you might still enjoy a swim from time to time. During the winter months, you will start to notice, however, that the crowded beach will become less populated.

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