Can I live near more than one beach?

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Pine Berry
Pine Berry is located near Pier 60.

Are you searching for apartments near the beach? Several different beaches surround Clearwater apartments.

Many visitors travel from afar to enjoy Tampa Bay's best beaches and Clearwater as unsurprisingly been recognized as a Bay area favorite. Famed for its inviting shorelines and white soft sand, the beach town has made its living on its warm waters and breath taking views.

If you are new to Pinellas County and are hoping to find a home near the water, there are plenty of beaches to live near.

Pier 60 is the most popular beach region in town.  Clearwater apartments, hotels, million dollar homes and condominiums surround this particular shore. If you searching for a community near night life and the water, this is the best place to live. Most of the city's attraction revolves around this part of the town, bringing in tourist, college aged students and business professionals into the area. Although the dress code is still casually catered to flip flops and sun dresses, there are still swanky pubs and clubs in the region. Additionally, Pier 60 is just as fun during the day as it is at night. Many beach goers tend to take out their paddle boards, boats, and Jet skis on this coast line.

Alternatively, Anclote Key is an exclusive state park. Although many only travel to the island by boat, Anclote Key is not just restricted to boat access. Much less populated than Pier 60, Anclote tends to be fairly quite. Homes are not as close to this region as they are to Pier 60, however, the area is mostly visited by locals than tourist.

Sand Key is arguably middle ground between Anclote and Pier 60. Sand Key is fairly popular beach in the area, however, may not be as rowdy as Pier 60. Many travel to this shore for its convenience and low key atmosphere. Sand Key is just 17 minutes away from the Tampa International Airport. Communities near this beach are quiet, secluded and laid back. Although this region is just minutes from Pier 60, this area allows beach goers to enjoy a more private beach day.

Honeymoon Island is a favorite amongst nature lovers. This beach is pet and people friendly. However, not many can actually live on this shore. Honey Moon Island State Park brings visitors to its beach by ferry shuttle, making the island fairly exclusive.

Although these are just a few of the beaches in the Clearwater area, you will quickly find that finding a Clearwater apartments near the water to be an easy task. There are several different coasts to live on where you can enjoy a view and the warm waters.

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