Is there more than one beach in St. Pete to live near?

Many flock to the Tampa Bay area to enjoy some of its finest beaches. In fact, St. Pete Beach has specifically attracting numerous residents and tourist, whom all seek a humble nest near the warm Gulf waters.

The city of St. Pete Beach is obviously known for its watery homeland. Although the surrounding area is deemed all as one known as “St. Pete Beach,” there are a variety of waters to choose from.

Fort Desoto

Famed for being the number one beach in the United States, Desoto Beach is located just off of the Northern tip Of St. Petersburg. The beach is name after the historic fort, making the beach land a historic landmark in the city. Desoto Beach is compromised of 5 interconnected islands allowing beach goers to experience the tropical gulf waters in addition to lake water as well. This Beach ground is also a campground. There is public access for RVs and tents, shower facilities concession stands, picnic areas and pavilions, floating fishing docks, nature and bike trails. This beach area is perfect for family affairs or those looking to celebrate a special occasion. St. Pete apartments in this area may be a bit more isolated from the town's city life. Although many properties are more affordable, they may be older.

Treasure island

To live near entertainment and sandy white shores, look no further than Treasure Island. Apart from the soothing shores, Treasure Island is filled with numerous restaurants, bars and shops. Many locals tend to inhabit this area for weekend indulgences and vacations. However, this area is also noted for its million dollars neighborhoods. St. Pete apartments in Treasure Island are more high end and can cost much more money than surrounding districts in the area.

Maximo Beach and Park

Maximo Beach and Park is just that—a park and a beach. Similar to Fort Desoto, Maximo beach is much more laid back and desolate. Located off of 34th street, this Beach is more centralized to city life. Maximo Beach provides playgrounds, shaded trees, nature walks, 70 acres of an archaeological site and a golf course. You will find that many families from out of town vacation here as well as a handful of locals.

North Shore beaches

Located in downtown North Shore Beach is ideal for those who enjoy a mix of urban and beach life. Just minutes from vintage stores, bars, and local diners, North Shore Beach is at its peak of popularity. There are two public beaches in this area and even a spa beach at the base of the St. Pete Pier. Here, you can take out your paddle boats and jet skis. There are also playgrounds, a swimming pool and plenty of parking. Apartments near St. Pete in this area can fluctuate in price. Homes in this area are in high demand due to the water and entertainment surrounding the city. However, there are plenty of affordable properties in the area as well. The North Shore area also gives its residence the options to choose from vintage homes to more modern units.

Egmont Key

This beach island is only accessible by boat and is thus more secluded that the previous beaches. Egmont key encompasses over 440 acres of wildlife refuge. However, Egmont Key is less desirable place to live due to its seclusion from the city.

When search for possible new homes on the beaches, you will quickly realize how many options you will have. More affordable apartments tend to be in the North Shore area while less people tend to live near Ft Desoto and Egmont Key. However, keep in mind how many areas you have to choose from. That flexibility will give you an advantage when comparing rent prices and amenities.

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