How close are the beaches?

An ideal setting of outdoor enthusiast, Tampa's golden scenery and warm moist air create a picturesque environment for its residents. Although the Sunshine State hosts nearly 825 miles of beaches and 1,260 miles of coastline, Tampa Bay is home to some of the world's top-rated beaches, creating a vacation haven for beach adorners in all corner of the state.

There are nearly 14 beaches just within the Tampa Bay area where you can experience an afternoon of paddle boarding on the gulf or discover the city's wildlife within the waters. Many of Tampa's pristine, white-sand beaches are within minutes of Tampa apartments.

If you are searching for Tampa apartments near the coast lines, the best place to start in order to enjoy the best of the bay is looking for homes near the Causeway. This area, formally known as Rocky Pointe, is quite affordable for beach front living. Just minutes away from the airport, downtown Tampa, and International Plaza, this location is considered to lie just outside the heart of Tampa. Within the causeway are several beaches right at your doorstep. Ben T. Davis Beach is a narrowing coast line stretching alongside the Courtney Campbell Causeway into Clearwater. This is probably your closest sighting of a beach when living right in the Tampa neighborhood.

Caladesi Island State Park is another beach located on the Causeway Blvd. This beach stretches as far as three miles and allows you to explore the undeveloped barrier islands by way of a ferry. On this beach, you can take wooded nature trails and soak in the Bay's natural landscape.

Honeymoon Island State Park is another beach centered in the middle of the bay. Tampa apartments near downtown, Westshore, South Tampa or Rocky Pointe are just minutes away from this beach. Though some of these shore lines are rocky, this beach area is a popular location to bring your dog and enjoy an island get away.

Davis Island Beach is just across the Causeway area and right outside downtown Tampa. This area is more known for its docked boats alongside of the coast line seen throughout the sky rise buildings of downtown Tampa. Although this beach may not be the most accommodating for those wishing to dip their toes in the water, it's a great area to enjoy some relaxation and sun bathing.

Apartments near Tampa located on the Causeway are newer, more attractive and next to five start retreats and restaurants.

The majority of the larger beaches are located in the Clearwater and St. Pete districts. Although these cities are not considered to be within Tampa, it is within the Tampa Bay area. From the center of Tampa, these beach cities can cost you a twenty to thirty minute drive to the sandy coasts. However, Tampa apartments in these districts do tend to be more expensive than the Causeway Boulevard community. Additionally, the units may be a bit older and smaller.

Beaches are relatively close to Tampa. Depending on where you decide to live, the beach can actually become a part of your backyard. Although the waters may be a short drive from North and New Tampa, the majority of the bay area is embodied my water, making your beach trips a short commute.

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