I love the salt and the sand! Are there any beaches close to Tampa?

Part of the allure of living in an apartment in Tampa is all of the nearby beaches. The sun and sand will beckon your name on a regular basis with the infamous Florida weather. Going to the beach is a great way to relax and get outdoors. But, how far away is the beach and what is there to do once you arrive other than getting your tan on? Here on Rent Tampa Bay we have a long listing of apartments that are just a short drive away from some of the best beaches in Florida.

Pass- a- grille beach is one of the easiest beach drives: a straight shot down Interstate 275 heading southbound and into Pinellas County. Take the Pinellas Bayway exit and head west. Be ready for a small 75 cent toll, which you can pay by cash or a Sun Pass if you've made that investment. For Pass-a-Grille, hang a left by the pink Loews Don CeSar Hotel. For St. Pete Beach, turn right at the landmark hotel. Parking there is easy to come by as this is a less populated beach. There are parking meters located every few feet that can be paid with cash or card. You can choose to set up shop and relax on the beach, but once that Florida sun becomes too much to bear, head down to Hurricane's, which is a rooftop bar with a breathtaking view.

Fort de Soto is one of Florida's treasures. This beach has frequented the best beaches of the United States on more than one occasion. To get there from Tampa simply head down 275 south toward St. Petersburg, then take Exit 17 to the Pinellas Bayway. From there, it's a quick few minutes down Bayway. Drive time is about an hour. There will be plenty of signs directing you to your destination. Once you arrive, there is a plethora of activities  to get you moving. You can rent bikes, kayaks, and canoes to hit the various land trails and waterways. If you are a history buff, then visit the Fort that this beach was named after. If you like to fish, there are 2 piers that are open to the public for some great fishing. If you are a Tampa native, this is a beach you will fall in love with.

Treasure Island is a bit further of a trip, but is definitely well worth the extra fifteen minutes. Drivers have two choices when traveling to Treasure Island: the Howard Frankland Bridge or the Gandy Bridge. Both ways lead to southbound Interstate 275. Exit near downtown St. Petersburg and take Central Avenue west until pavement gives way to sea in central Treasure Island. Treasure Island has a stretch of beach bars such as The Undertoe that tourists and locals alike enjoy year round.

Living in an apartment in Tampa yields so many benefits, but being close to the beach is definitely at the top of the list. Take a look at our Neighborhood Guide and decide what area best suites you and your lifestyle. You'll be able to see on the map where those neighborhoods are in relation to the beaches. It's easy to find a beach lover's apartment here in Rent Tampa Bay.

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