What great beachside restaurants are there to go to in Clearwater?

Residents of Clearwater apartments get to take advantage of the close proximity they have to the beach. One thing that many locals and tourists enjoy about the area is the ability to dine on the beach, whether it's sunrise or sunset. As someone moving to Clearwater, beachside dining is something you should definitely look into.

One of the first restaurants you should look into, or rather a chain of restaurants, belongs to Frenchy's. Frenchy's is a chain of four restaurants that run alongside the western coast of Tampa and Gulf of Mexico, offering people several different locations for beachside dining. Depending on which location you choose to go to, you may have access to a beachfront bar, or even live music to enjoy while you eat. They also have a happy hour, spanning from 4-7 on Monday through Friday. This chain of restaurants is a Tampa favorite, and is something that you should go and try during your time in the city.

Another great restaurant you may want to visit while living in one of the apartments in Clearwater is Palm Pavilion. Opened back in 1926, the Palm Pavilion has been a dining favorite for Tampa residents for a long while. The restaurant is known for its great seafood and unique menu options, as well as its scenery of the Gulf of Mexico. This place knows what it has to offer, even posting the time of the next sunset on their website. You will be hard pressed to find a better view than what is offered here. In addition, their happy hour is 4-7 on Monday through Friday. This restaurant also offers live music, providing more information on their website.

The final restaurant I would ask you to take a look at would be Clear Sky Beachside Café. This restaurant claims to have the freshest seafood on the beach, and they might be right seeing as many residents of Clearwater apartments put this restaurant among one of their favorites. Like the other places I have listed, this restaurant also has a fantastic view of the gulf for visitors to experience and take advantage of. They offer live music nightly as well as happy hour from 3-6:30 every day. Every day here is a different day in terms of both food and drinks, so make sure to check out their website to figure out when exactly you'd want to dine out.

Beachside dining is something that anyone who visits or lives in Tampa should take advantage of. As someone looking through all sorts of Clearwater apartments, you may want to look into which of these places is closest to you. These restaurants are local favorites, and as a new local they are something that you definitely have to try. If you need help sorting through all the different living options in Clearwater, make sure to utilize our search engine on Renttampabay and let us help you find the best new home for you.

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