I’m moving to Tampa and would love a pet to keep me company in my new city. Any recommendations for a good pet for apartment living?

There are so many pet-friendly apartments in Tampa perfect for housing both you and a furry (or not so furry) friend. Don't be dismayed by small apartments or lack of yard space. Apartments may limit your options just slightly, but there are still many ways to bring a non-human buddy into the equation without forcing a big dog into a crate all day or keeping the cat outside. We've compiled a list of some great options for apartment pets.


Looking for a cuddle buddy that doesn't require (or necessarily want) 24/7 attention? A cat could be the perfect pet for you. They work well if you have a busy schedule as they mostly care for themselves and enjoy spending long stretches of time alone. If you opt for adopting an older cat, you can expect it to be more trained and calm. If you prefer a more active animal, a kitten could be a great fit! Young or old, your cat can live happily in a compact, cat-friendly apartment and won't be noisy enough to elicit any noise complaints from the neighbors.  


It may not seem like it, but if you want a little more energy and personal involvement in your pet's life, a dog can actually be a great apartment pet. There are great resources out there to help you choose a breed, but know that some apartments have breed restrictions, so be sure to check those out before committing to a pup. In general, we recommend sticking to smaller breeds like miniature poodles and pugs. As an added bonus, poodles don't shed, which makes your pet's care routine even easier. Just don't let their sleepy nature fool you, they still need daily walks and activity. Many Tampa apartments are dog-friendly, which is great for finding a community of dog-parents.


Now we aren't saying you need to adopt a pet gator and cuddle with it to be a true Floridian, but if you're moving to an apartment in Tampa it could be time to get comfortable with reptiles. Snakes are a great apartment-friendly pet as they live long lives and don't require much maintenance. Just give them a heat and light source and keep them well fed and voila you have a quiet reptilian companion that may just scare off pesky burglars even more than a watch dog. Other great options for a pet reptile are turtles, geckos and lizards, many of which are quite social.


We know, this sounds like exactly the kind of thing you try to keep out of your Tampa apartment, but rodents can be a very low-maintenance and intelligent pet to bring into your home. A cuddly Guinea Pig or playful Chinchilla can both be trained and snuggled with; and with proper care, you don't need to worry about any odors disrupting the Zen of your Tampa apartment.  


If you're looking for less sloppy dog kisses, walks and cuddles and more art-with-a-heartbeat, fish might be the perfect fit for you. They are elegant and beautiful and require hardly any care at all. They are definitely the quietest option and simply need occasional tank cleaning and feeding. They add a meditative component to any room and make a space really come alive.

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