Where is the cheapest area to live in?

There are several principal cities just within the Tampa Bay area. This affords you the luxury to determine which areas are more accommodating on your budget. If you are searching for Tampa apartments that are deemed affordable, there are several factors to fish out.

First, location is key. Although there may be properties well below your budget, they may be fairly remote and far from work, restaurants, and major roadways, Thus, because most of your actual lived life will be far from your home, you may end up spending more out of pocket on gas, public transportation and inconvenience. This type of hardship could even incur more in expenses than a unit rooted at a prime location. Hence, It is always best to determine which area or areas will compliment your lifestyle.

Assuming you may prefer to live somewhere closely located to major roadways, grocery stores, and restaurants, less expensive places In Tampa to live are North Tampa and New Tampa.

Both of these areas are located on major roadways but will be a thirty-minute drive to the downtown area and airport. However, Both New and North Tampa offer very affordable housing throughout the neighborhoods.

New Tampa has nearly everything around it from malls, bars, schools, and restaurants. This area is newly built, hints the “New” in front of Tampa. For such new properties, Tampa apartments in this area are quite affordable. Rent prices in New Tampa range from $600-$1500. Most of these units come with porches, grassy areas for pets, twenty-four hour fitness areas, and plenty of amenities. New Tampa is more luxurious than other communities in Tampa and many students and younger families find this area to be quite attractive. A major downside of New Tampa is the amount of traffic during rush hour.

North Tampa, is an older and more reputable neighborhood in Tampa. Similar to New Tampa, Tampa apartments in North Tampa, are near entertainment and roadways. Rent in North Tampa can be anywhere from $300-$1500. However, many of these communities are older and may be more outdated. Keep in mind that North Tampa is filled with suburbia neighborhoods, so many properties are very well-kept. Traffic in the North Tampa communities tends to be moderately heavy in this area. Although, traffic here is not nearly as congested as New Tampa. North Tampa is much closer to downtown and the airport. For apartments near Tampa in this area, a great neighborhood to start your search is Carrollwood.

In all, both districts of New and North Tampa are quiet large and can range from cheaper homes to more luxury units. If having a more updated home is more important to you than traffic, New Tampa would suit you better than North Tampa. On the flip side, North Tampa is closer to other Tampa Bay areas such as the beaches, major roadways, and restaurants. North Tampa also has a wider variety of entertainment than New Tampa. North Tampa may be more beneficial for families where as New Tampa may be advantageous for students and graduates.

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