Im looking for a neighborhood with a city feel, what are some of the neighborhoods I should move to?

Living in Tampa for over 20 years can still leave you clueless as to which neighborhoods entail specific types of living styles. More than likely, you're on brink of moving and have armed yourself with Google, searching for nearly every neighborhood in the Bay area. Yet still, how can you tell which areas invoke urban or city style living?

To give you some background knowledge of the city, Tampa is huge. There are many sublets throughout the city that can range from a variety of secluded neighborhoods, beach towns, city life, and laid back communities. Although Tampa is unlike most cities when it comes to metropolitan vibes, the city of Tampa does have several industrious and more urban type of neighborhoods.

When searching for Tampa apartments that invoke a city feel, start considering areas that allow you to walk to stores and restaurants. The best communities that fit this match is the South Tampa neighborhood.

The popular communities within South Tampa are Bayshore, Davis Island, and Hyde Park. All of these communities within South Tampa are embedded in shaded palm trees and historic oaks. Most of these areas are aligned with brick pathways and elegant architecture. These neighborhoods are also near the water and surrounded by tons of one of kind boutiques, shops and dinners. If you have your eye on historic Tampa apartments, this is the perfect area for you! However, these types of homes are quite costly and may be out of the average budget. There are more affordable units within these areas such as luxury apartments, condos and townhomes.

An added benefit to South Tampa is that there is always something to do. From Gasparilla parade to live music festivals, and continuous nightlife, you will never have to veer too far from you home. South Tampa is also centrally located in the city, allowing you to enjoy a short commute to downtown, Channelside, Ybor, the airport and the beaches.

Downtown Tampa, the business district of the city, invokes more of a city feel than South Tampa. With highrise buildings, concierge services, and first-class amenities, many business professionals have taken up space in this neighborhood. Although there are not as many options as far as things to do in downtown as there is in South Tampa, downtown does have a variety of chain restaurants and museums.

Ybor city attracts a chock full of hipsters to its quarters. Ybor, know for its Cuban influence in the city, injects its charm through restored brick roads, loft bungalows, and string of local shops. While there are plenty of cheaper apartments near Tampa in Ybor, there may be less options when it comes to shopping. However, if you are a nightowl, there are plenty of places to visit within Ybor's limits such as dive bars, house clubs, pizza palors and more. Channelside, decreasing its popularity over the years, is just outside of Ybor. Like downtown, this neighborhood retroacts a city feel through its loft style living. This community is great for sports fan wishing to live neat to the St. Pete Times forum or have easy access to downtown.

Although these are not all of the neighborhoods in Tampa that may allow you to capture more of a city vibe in Tampa, these are basically the most popular communities within the bay area.

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