Is Tampa really far from Clearwater?

Clearwater apartments are located in one of Tampa's Bay's best beach towns. Although the town is distinctly separated from the city of Tampa, the two are easily interconnected.

From flight excursions to paddle boarding and dolphin watching, Clearwater has been notoriously famed for being a popular vacation destination. It may seem as though this beach town is hours away from Tampa's mainstream neighborhoods, however, the two are actually just a short drive from one another. In fact, many residents living in Clearwater apartments actually work in the Tampa Bay area, making the commute across town on a daily basis.

If you plan to live on the beach, no matter where you live, you can generally expect a decent commute into the heart of any town. However, this is often the fair trade when opting to live in a tropical paradise. However, the commute from Clearwater to Tampa is not too terrible, taking the average traveling only thirty-three minutes.

If you are contemplated whether or not to live in Clearwater while working in Tampa, know that this distance is not as problematic as it seems at first glance. The two cities has plenty of major roadways traveling in and out of town to help make commutes more efficient. There are several different bridges that connect the beach goers with the city slickers. These include the Sky Way Bridge, the Howard Franklin and the Gandy Bridge.

The Skyway Bridge allows easy access into St. Pete, Clearwater and Tampa. However, this bridge is not accommodating to those with a fear of heights. This specific roadway takes travelers over four miles of Gulf waters from Pinellas to Hillsborough County and neighboring districts. The Howard Franklin, although traveling over water, does not go up nearly as high of the Sky Way Bridge and may come across as less intimidating. However, this bridge often attracts rush hour traffic and you should expect to spend a fair amount of time traveling over this particular interstate when commuting during the early mornings and late evenings. Gandy bridge is the most friendly for those with fears. Although this roadway may endure a fair amount of traffic, it is argued that this traffic is still less condensed than that of the Howard Franklin.

Overall, traveling to and from Tampa to Clearwater should only take one thirty to forty minutes. With the help from Tampa's bridges, there are several options to take when deciding which route is best. These major roadways include the Skyway Bridge, Howard Franklin and the Gandy Bridge. Although there may be traffic during rush hour, other than that, the roads are quite clear, making for a simple and enjoyable commute to your Clearwater apartment.

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