Do any Clearwater apartments allow dogs?

Many Clearwater apartments allow dogs to live onsite. As a fellow dog owner I know how important it can be that you and your beloved pooch don't separate just because you have to change living arrangements. Luckily for you many Clearwater apartments understand that struggle and will gladly allow your dog to live right alongside of you in your apartment.

Although many Clearwater apartments allow dogs to live amongst you, many apartments will enforce restrictions on exactly what kind of dogs they allow to live in their community. This means that they may place weight restrictions on the dogs living in their apartment complex. Some apartments will enforce weight restrictions that are as small as 30 pounds. Other apartments offer larger restrictions when it comes to weight. Many apartments will also enforce restrictions on the breed of dogs they allow to live onsite. Often times there are classes of “bully” breeds that won't be allowed onsite. The usual breeds that are considered “bully” breeds include dogs like; Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers. Unfortunately there's not much wiggle room around those restrictions, but it is possible to find some Clearwater apartments that don't place those restrictions on the dogs they allow onsite.

Most dogs will need some space to run and be free in order to live a happy life in a Clearwater apartment. Not to worry though, some Clearwater apartments even offer places for your dog to roam free. Such as dog walks and dog parks. Some apartments in the area even often complimentary doggie clean up bags throughout the community so you can easily clean up after your pooch. You'll find that many communities in the Clearwater area are incredibly dog friendly and keep your dog's happiness in mind just as much as they keep yours in mind. Those are the kind of apartments one should consider if they're a fellow dog owner.

Even if you are not currently an owner of a playful pooch someday down the line you might find that you want a dog to keep you company in your Clearwater apartment. If you are living alone you might find that a dog can be a great living companion and can help fight off the loneliness you may encounter living alone. If you are open to the idea of living with a dog then make sure that you're entirely sure of your apartment's dog policy so that should you decide to adopt a loving pooch of your own you two can be happy in your home!

Clearwater apartments can truly be a great place for you and your doggie to spend a long and happy life together. Just make sure before signing anything that you are completely sure of your apartment's pet policy and that you and your dog will be happy in your new home.

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