I love food and drinks from other countries. What are some shops in the area for imported treats?

Residents who move to apartments in Clearwater are in luck when it comes to finding unique shops for imported food and drinks. This area has some fantastic, local retail stores offering goods from a variety of regions, including Eastern European, German, Mexican and Latin American, and Asian. If you're getting tired of shopping at your regular grocery store, you'll be thrilled with all your new options in Clearwater apartments. One of the most exciting imported goods to shop for is all the different chocolates, candies, and other treats that you may have never had the chance to sample. If you don't have much of a sweet tooth, you can check out all the special meats, cheeses, and other savory options available in the deli section of many of these shops. Keep reading to discover some of the great imported grocery shops in this area.

For a unique Eastern European shopping experience near Clearwater apartments, you'll definitely want to check out Marko's Meat and Deli located just off of 76th Avenue. This quaint, hidden shop is well-stocked with a huge variety of tasty goods, like an entire wall of chocolates in many different flavors. If you've never tasted Milka or Kinder chocolate, you will not want to miss out on these delectable sweets. For residents who love to cook, the spices and sauces section will have many new options for you to try in your next meal. Can't get enough bread and cheese? Marko's has its own deli and bakery, offering uniquely prepared pork, chicken, and beef, with some delicious imported cheeses. The salted bread rolls are baked daily so you can always pick up fresh ones. You can even call ahead and let them know if you have a special order.

When you're in the mood for Asian goods, apartments in Clearwater are close to Cho Lon Oriental Market on 34th St N. Fresh veggies, a variety of meats, salty snacks in unique flavors, and a massive stock of chocolates and candies cover the shelves inside this wonderful shop. Buying your regular veggies from an ethnic grocery store can even save you money when compared to chain grocery stories. A quick stroll through Cho Lon Oriental Market will start you off at the salty snacks area, where you can pick up squid and shrimp flavored crunchy chips, seaweed crisps, and countless other fun snacks. If you love noodles, you can spend some time checking out all the different noodle flavors and brands available. Don't forget the candies and chocolates – strawberry or chocolate Pocky is a super popular and addictive snack. Green tea hard candies are always a crowd pleaser, too!

These are just two of the shops close to Clearwater apartments. For Indian goods, you may want to visit the Mahal Bazaar and pick up some quality ingredients for your next curry dinner. The Latino Supermarket on Drew Street is a great place to pick up Latin American goods. Apartments in Clearwater will bring you closer to all these distinctive grocery shops and more.

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