I’m new to the Clearwater area, what is it like?

Being the nerve center of the Bay area's tourism attraction, Clearwater has melted into a diverse union of cultural and artistic opportunities. Although the heart of the city's revenue stems from out-of-state visitors, many Clearwater residents have a niche for waves and art. In fact, the city has attracted a multi-layer of art goers and vinos through its enriching mix of museums, galleries theaters, and wineries.

Upon strolling through the streets of the beachy city, you will notice free standing sculptures parked in the middle of the pavement. These works of art showcase the statute-esque lives of Cecillia Lueza and Hanna Jubran. Interestingly enough, art figures like these are only few of the many unique attractions that bring flare, style, and public recognition of art to the city.

Aside from art, you will find that Clearwater tends to be a very laid back community. Slow strolls in sandals and shorts are the norm in this area, and Clearwater citizens really do not deviate much from that.

However quiet the days may be, this city's nightlife is almost the complete opposite. Surrounded by bars, restaurants, theaters, and festivals, there is hardly a dull moment when living in Clearwater apartments. Downtown Clearwater hosts classical movie nights during there series of film festivals at the Capitol Theatre. Coachman Park hosts some of the World's most infamous bands. There are plenty of pubs and bars to grab a drink at or have a seat at Beauz Arts Coofee house and gallery. For a long night of dancing and drinks, stop in at Sheperd's Beach Resort, which is the city's center of nightlife.

The biggest pro to moving to this area, is that no matter where you decide to live in the city, the beach is less than 2miles from away from its center. This is great for those who are looking to live in Clearwater apartments on a budget. Here, residents can pursue a friendly rental amount while having easy access to the powder-white sand and warm gulf waters.

Apartments near Clearwater come in a variety of old and new. While the city has expanded the community to include newer units, you will find that many beach housing tends to be slightly smaller and older. However, due to the tourism industry, you will find that many of these units have been completely remodeled and are very well maintained.

Many of your neighbors may be middle to elderly aged. Clearwater is a favorite spot for retirees and snowbirds. If you are hoping to be near a younger population, I would recommend living in the downtown area of the city. However, properties in this area may be cheaper than units closer to the water.

Living in Clearwater does not necessarily mean you will be trapped in a zoo of tourism. Most everyone in this area, including tourist, are relatively friendly, polite, and easy going. However, do know that come spring break season, you may consider taking your own vacation from your home. Areas near Pier 60 tend to unravel from your daily tropical paradise and become more of a party zone for collegiate coeds. Expect to be stuck in laborious traffic during this time.

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