How can I keep my utility cost low in my Clearwater apartment?

There are actually a lot of things going for you in regards to your Clearwater apartment utility bill. There are also a few tips to keep in mind that will help you to keep your costs even lower. Some leases include water or electric in the price of rent, but not all do. If you have to pay for your utilities yourself, it's in your best interests to lower them if you can.

First, let's talk about the things you have going for you on your Clearwater apartment utility bills. Living in Clearwater, you aren't going to have huge heating costs in the winter, because there is really a lack of winter weather in Florida. Another great thing about a Clearwater apartment is that apartments tend to be smaller than homes. The less space you have, the less your heating or cooling costs will be. If your unit is on the second floor of a three-story building, you are in an optimal place throughout the year in regards to your heating and cooling costs.

There are many ways to further your utility cost savings each month. Did you know that when you leave things plugged in, they use up electricity even when they are turned off? I don't unplug everything that I am never using – that isn't realistic for me. But, there are certain things I unplug when I am done with them – the toaster, my phone charger, and my computer, for example. Another big way to cut your utility costs is by simply turning off lights when you aren't using them. It is very easy to forget and leave a light on, especially outside lights that you may not notice, but these do make a difference on your monthly bills. Getting into this habit is worth the “struggle” it is to begin remembering.

The fuller your fridge and freezer are – the less energy it takes to run them. Strange, but this is a good excuse to keep your kitchen stocked. Turn off the heated dry function of your dishwasher. Your dishes still get clean but it uses less energy. When you wash or rinse dishes by hand, turn off the water when you are not using it. If you have a washer in your Clearwater apartment, wash with cold water whenever possible. If you have a dryer, clean the lint trap before or after each load (This also lessens the chance of fire).

While winters are mild in Clearwater, summers are quite hot. The closer your home is to the coast, the nicer sea breeze you will get. You can use fans and open the windows some evenings and mornings, which use less electricity than your air conditioning unit. When you know that you won't be home for a few days, let set your air conditioning a bit higher than normal. And while you are living in Clearwater, spend lots of time outside! Enjoy the beach, the pool (most Clearwater apartments have at least one), and everything that Clearwater has to offer.

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