What is the night life like?

This city is surrounded by bars, restaurants, theaters and festivals. Living in an apartment near Clearwater means that you will never have a dull moment. Take a short drive to downtown Clearwater and you can enjoy a classical movie during the Capitol Classic Film Series festival at the Capitol Theatre. Coachman Park is right around the corner where you can watch your favorite bands play or enjoy a romantic night out. If you are looking for bars, there are plenty to choose from! O'Keefe's Family Tavern is one of the city's favorite Pubs or you can check out the finer dinners such as Greektown Grille or Mexican Lindo. If you are wanting a relaxing night, downtown has a few movie theatres and coffee houses, Beaux Arts Coffee House and Gallery is one of Clearwater's hotspots! Blue Dahlia Market Place is another eccentric gallery and perfect for any date night! Shepherd's Beach Resort is the center of night life and will sure to be packed with boaters and party goers alike!

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