Can I live in Clearwater but work in Tampa?

Clearwater is voted one of Tampa Bay's best beach towns. From flight excursions to dolphin sightings, historical landscape and the city's infamous Pier 60, it is no wonder why many choose Clearwater to be their new permanent home.

Are you split between living in Clearwater and working in Tampa? Although Clearwater may seem hours apart from Tampa's metropolitan neighborhoods, Clearwater apartments are actually just a short drive from the Tampa Bay business district. This is why many residents elect to escape to Clearwater's tranquil beach town after a long day of work in the city. In fact, this is the main reason why Clearwater apartments near major roadways have become increasingly popular throughout the previous years.

While working in Tampa and living in Clearwater may seem problematic at first, the commute can be someone enjoyable, especially for those who love a great beach view while on the drive. In recent years, the city's Skyway Bridge has made traveling from Tampa to parts of Clearwater and St. Pete much easier. However, this commute is not for those with fear of heights. This bridge takes travelers nearly four miles across the Bay's emerald Gulf waters from Hillsborough County into Pinellas. Constructed in 1987, this bridge connects I-275 and US 19 making commutes, quicker, and easier. However, beware for rush hour traffic throughout the weekdays.

All in all, Clearwater is a short thirty-three minute drive from the center of Tampa. Although this may be a longer commute for those who wish to live closer to work, there are Clearwater apartments that are closer to Tampa. For those wishing to get a taste of Clearwater beaches but stay closer to Tampa's business district, an advantageous location to search for apartments near Clearwater may be on the Causeway. The Causeway region is nearly ten to fifteen minutes away from the center of Clearwater and around a five minute drive into downtown Tampa. Homes in this area are quite affordable and located on Florida's coastline. Meaning, residents in this area can still enjoy water at their feet while remaining close to their employer.

Overall, many residents in the Bay area work in Tampa and live in Clearwater. Due to the two cities being close in proximity to the other, traveling in and out of town is less of a nuisance. Major roadways such as the Skyway Bridge, I-275 and US 19 allow travelers to commute in and out of the beach city much easier. However, watch for traffic throughout the weekday and during the spring break season. If you are looking to be in the middle of Clearwater and Tampa, searching for Clearwater apartments on the Causeway may be very beneficial.


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