How can I find what each community features?

Apartments in St. Pete can come in all different types of preferences, sizes, locations and amenities. Having some many options can make hunting for a new home overwhelming. However, the best place to start may be considering what you do want your living unit to include, in order to make your living experience convenient and enjoyable.

Many communities can feature everything from elevators, playgrounds, game rooms, dog walking areas, coffee bars, fitness center, courtesy patrol and even movie theatres. If living in a gated community is a must have for you, you may want to consider starting your search to see what properties include this service.

If you are not sure what you would like your community to have, you can take a look at our community features tab to get a feel for what other areas may offer you or even what sparks your interests. All you have to do is scroll down to the community features tab on the “search now” page and a list of possible feature a community can provide will appear. You can click on as few as one preference to selecting all of them. Once you have selected your options, a list of living areas will appear on the screen that include the luxuries you prefer.

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