I am a very crafty person! What are some places in Tampa for crafting supplies and activities?

Are you always making fantastic homemade gifts for your friends? Crafty residents will be pleased to know that Tampa apartments are located near several wonderful supply stores and places for craft-related activities. You will be able to decorate every inch of your new place with your unique creations! Whether you love knitting, crotchet, needlepoint, sewing, or a variety of other hobbies, you'll be able to find a place nearby to buy all your supplies and share your love of crafts with others. Read through this FAQ to discover all the options waiting for you in your new town!

Apartments in Tampa are located near all the popular chain stores for crafts, like Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft and Michaels. If you're a knitter, both of these stores carry many different types of yarns, needles, and other knitting supplies. You can also find several crotchet-related items. Are you someone who loves celebrating and crafting for holidays? Jo-Ann's and Michaels always have some great seasonal events and stock throughout the year. I know I have a difficult time not buying out the whole store during Halloween or Christmas! For example, they have some fantastic Halloween fabric during September and October that will help you make the most original and spooky Halloween costume. Your new apartment can be transformed into a great haunted house for parties! Frequent shopper residents will want to download the Jo-Ann's app and sign up for Michaels coupons so you can always grab the best deals available.

In addition to Jo-Ann's and Michaels, Tampa apartments are near other local craft supply shops and craft-related activities. One example is AOE Supply on N 56th Street, an art supply store where you can find artist brushes, paints, frames, paper, and supplies for printmaking. Wouldn't your new apartment look great with some original paintings or drawings on the wall? Along the same line, Tampa's Frames N' Things offers some beautiful frame and mat selections for all your art and decor needs. If you're more of a woodworker or love to construct your own furniture and décor, head over to Craftsmen Supply CO to check out a vast selection of hard to find lumber, plywood, veneer, and woodworking supplies. They also offer custom cutting, planing, and sanding!

Apartments in Tampa are also close to other popular craft supply destinations like Lowe's and Home Depot. If you ever find yourself wondering where to find crating items in certain shapes, sizes, and materials, these two places can sometimes be your best bet for finding the perfect addition to your creation. You'll be surprised at what you can find!

Residents who can't get enough of crafting and creating will benefit from the perfect location of Tampa apartments. If you'd like to craft along with others and meet some new friends, many places like Jo-Ann's, Michaels, and You Do the Dishes offer classes and events year round. Start looking for your new apartment today and you'll have plenty of time to plan your decor!

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