How can I decorate my apartment but not break the complex’s rules?

No matter which Clearwater apartment that you choose, you want to feel at home. Making your Clearwater apartment look and feel your own is essential in feeling comfortable at your new place. Everywhere you rent will have slightly different rules about what is allowed. It is always better to ask before you change something rather than after! You definitely don't want to find out after you move out that you won't be getting any of your deposit back because you unknowingly broke the rules.

Painting is one way you can really change the look of your apartment in Clearwater. Some complexes do not allow any painting at all, but some do. Most that allow you to paint will require you to repaint anything you've changed back to the original color when you move out. With this in mind, you may consider painting only an accent wall in your apartment. This is quicker to paint and repaint than an entire room, and if you don't plan to be in your apartment for several years will save you some time and hassle.

Before you tackle any painting, be sure to paint a small test area. Make sure that you like the color once it is on your walls,especially in different types of light. Also consider the repainting process – it is much easier to cover than maroon. This is a no-brainer, but cover everything that has even the remotest possibility of being near anything wet-paint related.

For those of you who are not allowed to repaint your Clearwater apartment, or don't want the hassle and cost of painting and repainting, what is hanging on your wall can make a huge difference. Read your lease or ask your landlord to find out what you are and are not allowed to use to hang things in your walls.

Some apartments in Clearwater will not allow any nail marks in the walls at all. If this is the case, you will need to use sticky strips and hooks to hang your decorations. These can be found to hold a variety of weights, and, if used correctly, will not leave any marks when taken down. These strips may not be as effective in your bathroom, due to the humidity of the shower. You may also try creative ways to hang pictures, like using string and clothespins to make a picture banner.

Your Clearwater apartment may allow nails, but only up to a certain size. If this is the case, hang things to your hearts desire! Your lease may require you to fill in the holes when you leave, but this shouldn't be too hard.

Another way to add some personality to your apartment is through furniture and objects you already own. Particularly if you can't/don't want to paint your apartment, a good way to add the colors that you want to your apartment is to paint your furniture. Dressers, side tables, and shelves are a great opportunity to personalize your Clearwater apartment. These objects are easy to paint, and when you move, you don't have to paint them again! Other decorative items, like pillows, lamps, and vases, are inexpensive ways to dress up your living space. Another option is to use patterned or colored rugs to add more of your style, unobtrusively, to your Clearwater apartment. If a particular room in your place seems small, add a mirror to make it feel bigger.

Decorating your apartment in Clearwater is certainly possible. With a bit of creativity, you can make your new home into a welcoming place to come back to. Don't let lease restrictions discourage you from decorating your apartment!

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