What is the difference between Harbour Island and Davis Island?

Both Harbour and Davis Islands are highly sought after when it comes to searching for a home in the area. With little vacancy, discovering a perfect home on one of the islands has almost become a cannon of procuring construction. However, with that being said, both sub Downtown districts primarily serve as private residential areas. With eclectic blends of old and newer homes, Davis and Habour Island offer easy access to downtown, South Tampa and Bayshore Boulevard.

Harbour Island is closer to the Channelside and the South Tampa districts than the Bayshore area. In addition to its residential areas, Harbour Island has a great deal of sky-rise homes, apartments and condominiums. Tampa apartments here are much newer, larger and more upscale. Injected with a modern Southern Charm, Habour Island offers waterfront brunches, sushi take out delivered to your door, boutiques and local diners. This neighborhood connects to Downtown Tampa by two bridges and is really only a few minutes drive to the business district. The population on this Island is younger, with many College graduates and young business professionals living in the neighborhood. Being so close to the South Tampa area, Harbour Island also experiences much more of a night-life.

Davis Island is a fairly quiet yet charming neighborhood. With canopy trees shading nearly every residential street, one can easily consume the vibe of the close-knit community through its well-kept neighborhoods. Many refer to Davis Island as the “Self-Sustaining Island,” mainly because of its convenience of grocery stores, hospitals, schools and easy access to downtown Tampa. Davis Island has plenty of park space for family friendly activities such a Marjorie Park, which surrounds the shores of the Davis Island Yacht Club. There are handfuls of small cafes and great views of downtown Tampa. However, many communities on this Island are older and more outdated. The population here is predominantly filled with families and retirees. Davis Island is just minutes from Bayshore Boulevard, a huge attraction for runners and bikers.

Both islands can offer similar routes to desirable places in the bay area such as Downtown and the South Tampa communities. However, Harbour Island may be more sutiable for those looking to experience nightlife, younger neighbors and easy access to Hyde Park. Davis Island is recommended to those wanting to live near a family-friendly atmosphere. Although both Islands offer a mix of older and new homes, Davis Island is more accustomed to historic districts and larger homes. Harbour Island has newly built buildings and more luxury communities.

When it comes to pricing, Apartments near Tampa on both islands will be on the high end of monthly rent. Definitely expect to pay more to live on these islands than other Tampa districts such as Downtown Tampa and SoHo. Although you may be able to find cheaper homes on Davis Island due to the communities being a little older, units may be smaller and more outdated. On the other hand, Harbour Island may be stagnant in rental prices, however floor plans are more spacious contain modern updates such as granite countertops and balconies.

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