What are the different areas in St. Pete?

St. Pete apartments are located in Pinellas County. Famed for being the second largest city in the Tampa Bay area. Sitting just outside of the Gulf of Mexico, this beach town is amongst one of the favorite destination vacations for those searching for warm sunshine and white sand.

Are you new to the city? If you are searching for apartments near St. Pete there are a few things to look out for to ensure a smooth transition into the Tampa based town.

In general, St. Pete offers a wide variety of homes including but not limited to historic homes, luxury lofts and beach bungalows. Therefore, finding St. Pete apartments has been known to be a relatively easy process. However, the difficulty of the search will ultimately depend on your preferences for location, amenities and unit type.

If you are commuting to the Tampa region for work or prefer the convenience of being near the business district, it may be beneficial to live near major roadways or bridges in order to help pacify the long burden of a commute. St. Pete and Tampa are divided by the Howard Franklin Bridge. Although the bridge is only one of three bridges connected the two cities, it is often the most used for travel. Throughout rush hour times, this bridge becomes heavily congested, going both North or South bound. Thus, many residents have often found it easier to live just outside of St. Pete, settling down in communities near the causeway.

Alternatively, many prefer to stay located near St. Pete's downtown district as opposed to Tampa's enterprise regions. If this is the case, St. Pete apartments located downtown have become a highly desirable location. This part of town has become rather trendy, springing up luxury condos, restaurants and clubs. In fact, downtown St. Petersburg is known to be the entertainment district, even holding a town-wide celebration on the first Friday of every month.  Communities located in downtown are just minutes from the beach and have a fast paced and hipster atmosphere. However, homes in this location tend to be pricy and may be harder to come by.

If your entire purpose to moving to the Pinellas County area is to be as close as you can to the beach, living near St. Pete Beach or Ft. Desoto may be quite accommodating. Although these areas are much more laid back and limited in terms of nightlife, there are plenty of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy such as kayaking, surfing, fishing and boating. Beach homes can range in terms of older and new properties, allowing residents the opportunity to enjoy different types of living options.

Overall, there are several areas in St. Pete, all containing different and unique benefits. Although many find the downtown neighborhoods to be quite lively, properties in that region may be costly. Conversely, living just outside of downtown near the water, or even closer to Tampa can afford residents to enjoy a variety of living types.

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