Are there any dog beaches in St Pete?

Florida is known for its outdoor activities amongst its Floridian residence. Most of these outdoor adventures take place right on its beautiful beaches! For this reason, the cities of Florida have become more accustomed to the needs of its residence and have deemed areas specifically for certain activities or involvement, such as Dog beaches. Many places near your St. Pete apartment are dog friendly and even encourage you to take your furry friend out and about on the town. If you are looking for exact beaches in the St Pete area, then look no further! Ft. De Soto has the Paw Playground and beach just for you and your pal! Free of cost, the Paw Playground has a large fenced in area for both large and small breeds. These areas include doggy showers for Florida's hottest days! This beach also offers over night campy with plenty of amenities and was even named America's number one beach by Trip Adviser. Over on Gandy Bridge, closer to the Clear water area, Pets are more than welcomed to play and swim on the St. Petersburg beach!

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