What is downtown Clearwater like?

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Pine Berry
Pine Berry is located near both downtown Clearwater and the beaches.

Clearwater apartments in downtown are surrounded by a collection of entertainment. From beachside fun to shopping and dinning, downtown Clearwater provides amusement for all.

Many quickly feel right at home in the beach city. Due to the town's laid-back nature, it is easy to find some down time to engage in the city's leisure and recreation. Although much of downtown has been revitalized, this particular business district is not as bustling and lively as other downtown centers. Conversely, Clearwater's downtown is almost the opposite of typical downtown region. It is very slow paced, does not experience much traffic, and residents in the area are seemingly welcoming and inviting. Although this picturesque image may seem more like a southern quaint town than a metropolis environment, there is an urbanization element to the area.

Many fresh-faced college graduates and business professional have taken up residency in Clearwater apartments near downtown.  Forming an artistic and diverse alliance, such populations have made this part of the city become the new talk of the town. As a result, this new popular and trendy region has been commonly referred to as the “Cleveland Street District.

The Cleveland Street district, although known for its warm water and soft white sand, has been recently recognized for its shopping, dinning and live entertainment. Clearwater apartments near this area overlook the harbor, allowing residents to soak up a view of the waterfront city.

Additionally, residents living in this part of the coastal district are within walking distance to most entertainment. In fact, the city has begun Blast Fridays during the summer months where they fill the town with live entertainment, artwork, food vendors and more. The Capitol Theatre is also within walking distance from many Clearwater apartments located in downtown. The theatre brings local artist into the area as well as top 40 and classical musicians, which many residents tend to enjoy.

Another added bonus is the ability to be beachside with a short drive. From the center of downtown, Clearwater apartments are only a fifteen-minute drive to the shore. Therefore, many living in this particular part of town can enjoy the best of both words—a bit of city life and costal bliss.

Overall, living in downtown Clearwater allows residents the flexibility to enjoy entertainment in the form of bars, shops or beaches. The area has recently shown its support for growth by instituting citywide festivals such as Blast Friday's and constructing an entire retail and entertainment district. Although this area may not be a fast paced in comparison to other cities, it is well diversified in population and culture, allowing new residents and visitors to easily feel at home.  The beach is just a few minutes away, which gives rise to plenty of other amusements just near your home. Properties in this city can vary in price depending on its location, however, many seem to be fairly waged especially for being so close to the water.

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