Are there any good St. Pete apartments in downtown St. Pete?

Living in an apartment in the heart of the city appeals to many different people. A downtown St. Pete apartment puts you right in the middle of a bustling city! Living in this area, you'll be surrounded by art, culture, and all sorts of interesting sights.

Downtown St. Petersburg is located right next to Tampa Bay. Thus, living in a downtown St. Pete apartment, you'll never be far from gorgeous water views. As St. Pete is located on a peninsula, you'll also be close to the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf beaches are warm and inviting.

Living in a downtown St. Pete apartment, you'll be close to the St. Petersburg Times. St. Pete is also home to lots of museums, such as the Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg Museum of History, and the Dali Museum. Your friends that visit you may be interested in some touristy-type attractions, like a Ghost Tour of St. Pete or an Island Ferry trip. St. Pete is also home to many golf courses and public pools. If you still aren't convinced that you'll never have a dull moment living here, check out the city of St. Pete's own list of fifty things to do.

Of course, shopping abounds in Downtown St. Pete. This area is also chock full of great restaurants. A trolley runs through Downtown St. Pete, which is both a fun and nostalgic way to travel, as well as a practical one for those living in a downtown St. Pete apartment. The many parks found in St. Pete are also great for walking and biking to and from. Once there, you can enjoy nature at your leisure, fish, or perhaps rent a shelter in advance and have a family picnic.

The many recreation centers found in St. Pete are home to many different classes – just about anything you can imagine. If you are new to the city, signing up gives you a great opportunity to meet new people. Even if you've lived here for a while, learning a new skill or practicing something you've been doing for a while is a great way to spend some time out in your community. Classes can be found for drawing, jazz, Zumba, Spanish, yoga, nature walks, candle making, and even ballroom dancing. Basically – any skill you might want to learn is probably covered at one of the over 100 classes.

The City of St. Petersburg is working towards becoming a "green" city. They are the first city in Florida to have received the "Green City" designation by the Florida Green Building Coalition. St. Pete has a great water reclaiming, recycling, and yard waste-to-mulch system. There are also many parks, bike trails, and habitat restorations in sensitive areas. St. Pete is constantly working towards becoming more bike and pedestrian friendly. Living in a downtown St. Pete apartment, you can definitely save on your transportation costs.

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