Should I move to downtown Tampa?

Downtown normally functions as the never center for most large cities. Traveling downtown, you can usually expect a high density of attractions, sky-scrapers, diverse dinners and public transportation. Perversely, Downtown Tampa almost drives in reverse.

Yes, Downtown Tampa does serves as the principal place of business in the Tampa Bay Area. With the Courthouse and convention center centrally located in the center of town, many business professionals are attracted to this area. However, unlike other cities, the downtown area primarily just acts as the business capitol of the area.

With the expansion of the area, you will find modern, luxury and high-end Tampa apartments in downtown. However, you may consider thinking twice before settling in. As far as convenience goes, there may not be as much to do in downtown as one would think.

With every large city comes a parody of bars and restaurants and downtown Tampa is no exception. There are plenty of local dinners throughout tdownown from chain restaurants to local eateries. Most of these are within walking distance from these apartments near Tampa. There are also a few popular bars that many downtown Tampa natives tend to enjoy throughout the week. Beyond that, attractions are scarce.

Although many attractions aside from the Tampa Museum and the University of Tampa are not located directly in Downtown Tampa, there is plenty to do just a minutes drive from town. Bordering downtown are Davis Island, Channelside, Ybor and South Tampa. Here, there are unlimited amounts of entertainment to partake in. Just in South Tampa alone are two high-end malls, Tampa's most popular nightlife district, movie theaters and shops such as Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. The airport, beaches and theme park are also just a short drive from Downtown's center.

If you are moving to downtown Tampa without a vehicle, enjoying some of the city's entertainment may become quite problematic. Although you may spot a taxi from time to time, public transportation is rare throughout the Tampa area. Grocery stores, banks and gyms may be within walking distance. However, manage your time accordingly because your trip to Publix may be a long one.

If you do own a vehicle, be prepared to parallel park! With one-way roads and brick paved streets, Downtown Tampa can become heavily ingested in traffic during rush hours. If you plan to use the major roadways connecting to downtown such as I-4, 275, and 75, I advise you to leave an hour or hour and a half earlier than your expected arrival time.

Apartments near Tampa in the downtown district can become quite pricey. Although you will more than likely not be afforded a yard or designated parking spot, most downtown communities provide their residents with resort style living. From modern abodes to granite counter tops, downtown Tampa will surely give you the modern city vibe that most attempt to obtain when moving to a larger city.

Overall, downtown Tampa is a likely location for those who prefer not to travel to work, are seeking entertainment within a close proximity of their home, wish to enjoy luxury units, and love to walk.

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