What differences should I note about living in Downtown Tampa versus Historic Tampa?

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Evening view of the Riverwalk from Downtown Tampa!

Tampa, Florida is a much larger city than people would think. There is Tampa and there is Tampa Bay. You first need to figure out if you want to live within the city or around the outskirts in a more suburban setting. Apartments in Tampa vary by location in terms of square feet, amenities, and cost. You can choose between new, luxury high-rises in Downtown Tampa/Channelside or opt for more quaint, old-school vibes in the historic district of Ybor City and Hyde Park. Checkout some pictures of both areas here.

Downtown Tampa/Channelside

Apartments in Tampa, Downtown Tampa or also referred to as Channelside, primarily consists of newly built high-rises and condos. Many of these apartment complexes offer panoramic views of the city, the port, and even across the bridge into St. Pete. The interiors are more luxurious and designed with high-end features that feel a bit more "big city" than "neighborhood cozy".

There is easy access to multiple means of transportation like the trolley, buses, electric scooters and bike rentals. Top attractions include Amalie Arena and Sparkman's Wharf where you can meet friends at a concert or sports game or outdoor movies and games. Another big selling point of living downtown, if you have a dog or plan to get one, is the handful of dog parks right in the city. Majority of the apartment complexes allow dogs (find a list of apartments where dogs are allowed, here) and no wonder because Tampa is the 3rd most pet-friendly city in the United States and 8th highest ranking city for dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants per capita.

Historic Hyde Park and Ybor City

Tampa apartments can vary greatly if you choose to live somewhere cozier and a bit outside the area of high-rises and corporate structures. A few minutes out you'll end up in either Hyde Park or Ybor City depending on which way you travel. Hyde park is full of smaller two to four story, older buildings that have been recently renovated and tucked away within neighborhood streets with easy access to small parks and great streets to take night strolls through. Bayshore Boulevard is a few streets over and a popular spot for outdoor runs and workouts as there are public bike rental stations and exercise stations along the paved path, 4.47 miles long.  Howard Avenue (SoHo) is also right around the corner where you can easily access boutique shopping stores and lots of different restaurants. If you fancy the nightlight, Howard Ave is great for barhopping or brunch. Check out some of the best things to do in Hyde Park from 10 Best by USA Today!

 Ybor City is best described as ‘vintage' or ‘artsy' if you will. The area is famous for their historical Cuban cigar factories and old-fashioned brick roads and buildings. There's also a cute trolley that runs through Ybor, connecting the city to Channelside. Ybor hosts many little parades and events but is mainly known for its vivacious nightlife and clubs for music and comedy. There are many locally owned retail shops and restaurants so you'll be living in the heart of entertainment central! The apartments here are typically renovated buildings with that old-school feel with restored brick features, so you won't find many high-rises or huge complexes here. It's a great place to immerse yourself in the culture and become very friendly with your neighbors, so it's perfect if you're looking for a cozier environment.

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