Is Palm Harbor a family friendly neighborhood?

Absolutely! If you are a family searching for apartments near Clearwater, Palm Harbor is definitely worth looking into. Although this neighborhood is just on the outskirts of Clearwater, its location is highly advantageous for those with families.

Palm Harbor, Oldsmar and Duneiden have formed together to create an area just outside of Clearwater known as Countryside. Rapidly expanding, this area is near a 45-minute drive to downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg. Although seemingly far from the business district, Palm Harbor offers concentrations of commerce just a few miles from the residential neighborhood. In Downtown Palm Harbor are handfuls of small shops, eateries, and local and chain diners all embedded in a historic ingredient-all perfect environments for family affairs. If you do have to travel outside of the community for means of work, Palm Harbor is located just off of major road-ways such as I-275, 75 and Veterans Expressway. However, do expect to experience heavy traffic throughout rush hour.

If you are searching for Clearwater apartments near great schools, Palm Harbor has you covered. Palm Harbor is known for its fantastic public “A” rated schools. From elementary to high school, you can feel assured knowing your child will be receiving an above standard education.

In addition to its schools and employment opportunities, the neighborhoods of Palm Harbor are quiet and filled with lots of park space, shaded trees with families and retirees. These residential areas are mixed with older and newer olds, condominiums and apartment communities. While driving through the area, you will find many residents outside enjoy the Florida Weather through biking, jogging, walking or shooting some hoops with their family.

Apartments near Clearwater in Palm Harbor are actually quite affordable. Although owning a home may cost you a pretty penny, renting in one of the town's community is very affordable, especially for its prime location.

There is plenty to do for families in the Palm Harbor neighborhood. Aside from the plentiful park space and grassy areas suitable for pets and families, Palm Harbor is also just minutes away from some of Florida's best beaches. Clearwater beach, one of the bay's area most popular destination spot, is just around the corner. At the beach, there are nightly sunset festivals on the pier that includes local artists, music, food and more. Fishing, paddle boating, and jet skiing are also some of the more popular hobbies many take up when visiting the Clearwater beach area. If you are not a beach person, you can always head down to the North Pinellas Museum in Palm Harbor or take a trip to the library, where there are daily story time hours, sign language classes, film days and more.

Palm Harbor is also filled with local and high end hotels, which is perfect for those who love having out of town family come in for a summer visit to enjoy the beaches or experience a Florida winter.

Overall, The residential environment, affordable pricing and plentiful activities to do in Palm Harbor makes it a great atmosphere for family focused residents.

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