Are there any family friendly neighborhoods in St. Pete?

St. Petersburg is known for its laid-back beach lifestyle and popular art scene near downtown. However, there are a lot of great neighborhoods in St. Pete depending on what you are looking for. Whether you are searching for an eclectic mix of new and old homes, specific school districts, price range and location—St. Pete has a lot of options for you!

When searching for St. Pete apartments, you may first want to learn more about each neighborhood in order to distinguish which locations suit you best. St. Petersburg has so many unique entities that attract residents from all around.

Old Northeast is one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods. Created in 1911, St. Pete apartments in Old Northeast follow the trend of Mediterranean Bungalow styles with brick paved streets and picket fences. Running for fifth to 30th Avenue and Fourth Street to Tampa Bay, Old Northeast is know known for its million dollar homes. North Shore Park is located in the central of this neighborhood and attracts the attention of joggers, dog walkers, and bikers. Many events and parades are held in this neighborhood which has made Old Northeast accountable for the burgeoning art scene. Although there is plenty of family friendly activities to do in this community, residents will have to be accustomed to slight traffic jams due to the popularity of celebrations in the neighborhood. Except to pay a pocket full of money when it comes to finding yourself a home in Old Northeast. However, living just outside of this community would be advantageous as well. It is only twenty minutes from the airport.

Allendale terrace is another family friendly neighborhood similar to the community environment of Old Northeast. Allendale has a mixture of older homes with charming character. Unlike Northeast, there are no traffic jams and the community tends to be a quiet residential neighborhood. You will find many more St. Pete apartments in this area than in Old Northeast. Although, prices will still be competitive considering it is a highly sought after neighborhood.

Apartments in St. Pete in Isla Del Sol are more plentiful than the two. This area, like Allendale and Old Northeast, is filled with pricey homes, brick paved pathways and parks. However, Isla Del Sol has more newer homes than old. Many are becoming attracted to this area for its water views and great prices. Aside from affordable housing, Isla Del Sol is surrounded by quality schools, colleges and Universities such as SPC and Stetson University College of Law.

Although these are just three of the most popular family friendly neighborhoods, there are plenty in the area. Depending on where you prefer to live, St. Pete will definitely have something to offer its residents. Old Northeast is the prime neighborhood in the St. Petersburg area for single families and retirees. Although this area is quite pricey, residents here are afforded the luxury of convenience. Allendale terrace, not too far from Old Northeast does provide similar benefits as Old Northeast. However, prices may be a bit more affordable but there will be less family events near your home. Isla Del Sol is a growing community and has really been gaining attraction for its top of the line apartments, condos and homes.

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