I relocated to Clearwater recently, and I am a massive fan of festivals. Are there festivals happening near my apartment?

Clearwater's pride will always be the beautiful sunsets and beaches, but its culture doesn't fall far behind. Festivals in Clearwater have year-round celebrations for just about anything. Moving to a new city can put a dent in your festival knowledge.  If you find yourself cooped up in your Clearwater apartment this year, be sure to check out these four festivals that you are sure to love.  

Top Four Festivals to Check Out  


Now that is undoubtedly a niche festival that can only belong in Florida. Geckofest is a two-day festival that occurs every year around Labor Day weekend. It is a celebration that marks the end of summer by honoring the resident's favorite city, reptile: The Gecko. This festivity takes place in the city of Gulfport, near Beach Blvd, where people can enjoy the view of the waterfront while enjoying the flavors of Clearwater. It is a free event that brings live music, games, and entertainment to the small city. Be sure to check out the official website every year as they vary in themes. Geckofest is pet-friendly as well, so your little furry friends can enjoy the fun. 

Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival 

This festival celebrates all the brings joy to any Floridian, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets. Sugar sand festival is a 17-day festivity located in the sugar sand walk exhibit. Sugar Sand Festival is a free event full of live music, fireworks, and entertainment. There is no space for boredom to arise during this festival as the main event is the sandcastle exhibit that is displayed. The sandcastle exhibit does have an admission fee of $10, but you are sure to get your money's worth. Live concerts on the beach, as well as food, is always there during the festival. No festival is like this one as everything, and anything at the festival must deal with sand. Take advantage of sand sculpting classes or even a free outdoor movie at the beach. The celebration is to bring light to the beautiful city of Clearwater and the surrounding Pinellas county to the tourism world. It has run for 23 years and has massive success with its visitors. Remember to visit the official Pier 60 Sugar Sand festival website for more information on dates and locations. Be sure to mark this down because you won't want to miss this opportunity to celebrate on the beach.  

John's Pass Seafood Festival  

If you're a foodie, this festival is the one to attend. It is one of the largest seafood festivals in the US. There is no surprise that Clearwater loves its seafood; however, this fall festivity honors the towns affinity for flavor.  This festival is dedicated to Madeira Beach as it raises awareness of the seafood industry in the area. Over 38 years that the festival has run, it has also focused on charities. Restaurants on John's Pass Village Boardwalk gather around to serve their delicacies. It is a free admission event and runs in mid-October. Due to the spookiness of October, the festival honors Halloween with a block party. John's pass Seafood festival also has live music and entertainment, so remember to check the official website for more information. The festival is a way to honor the city, and what better way to start your life in Clearwater then to integrate with the culture right away.  

Clearwater Jazz Holiday 

If you're a fan of this classic genre, then this is the place to be. The smooth sounds of jazz are put on display to capture your ear during this festival at the beach. It is a relaxing way of enjoying the sounds of musicians like this year's Boyz II Men and Orleans Avenue. Held at Coachman Park, Clearwater this four-day October celebration brings jazzy tunes to your ears. The music festival can't be complete without food truck vendors and entertainment. Clearwater's Jazz Holiday is sure to bring a little joy into your life and is the perfect weekend event to explore some of the city's cultures. This year's dates and lineup are posted on the official Clearwater Jazz Holiday website so, you won't miss one bit of this music festivity.  

Clearwater's sunsets and beaches can be the selling point for anyone to move her. However, the cities vibrant culture and pride are the things to make you stay. The festivals that go year-round are enough to keep you on your feet every weekend. Surely the place to be is in Clearwater, Florida.

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