Are there any festivals happening near my Tampa apartment?

Here in Florida, there might as well be a festival for just about anything. From music to pirate festivals, the celebrations are endless. Tampa is a historically vibrant city full of flavor and life. There is no doubt that there are festivities year-round, but convenience is a significant factor too. Having your apartment be at the foot of the festival can make the experience a whole lot better. Here are the best Tampa festivals to look forward to during the year.  

Gasparilla Pirate Festival  

Held every year since 1904 in Ybor City, the Gasparilla Pirate Festival is high up on the festival list. There is a unique obsession with pirates in Tampa; after all, they are the Buccaneers. Gasparilla named after Jose Gaspar, who was a renown mythical pirate that operated in the Tampa area during the 1700s. What a better way to start the year than by celebrating the city's history with a festival that runs from late January to early March. Parades and parties are all around Tampa and Ybor City as the pirates invade the town and end with the pirates leaving on a voyage. In short, it is the "Mardi Gras" of Tampa as per the Culture Trip. This festival is followed by the Gasparilla Music festival that happens to mark the end of the season. Tampa residents and visitors gather around the University of Tampa to enjoy music and celebrations of the end of the Gasparilla season. Besides that, there is an art festival of the same name that happens towards the end of the season. Gasparilla also tops the list of the country's largest annual parades, which can bring in over 400,000 visitors to the city of Tampa. Be ready to leave your Tampa apartment every day during Gasparilla season, so you don't miss a thing! 

Tampa Riverfest  

One of Tampa's main tourist spots is the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa. Since 2015, the city of Tampa has hosted this free event full of children's games, food, and entertainment. In addition to having music, games, and food, there is a Taste the Riverwalk where different restaurants participate in giving the residents a taste of Tampa. Riverfest is a relatively new festival, yet it already has some eye-catching traditions. Many gather around for a hot air balloon glow event at night or even participate in the race off across the river on paddleboards. There is no doubt that the Riverfest won't be full of fun activities since it runs on the first weekend of May. For more information, always check on the official Tampa Riverfest website. Make sure to bookmark this event so you won't have to hear about it from your neighbors.   

Cuban Sandwich Festival  

If you happen to find yourself bored in your Tampa apartment on March 29, 2020, look no further. The Cuban Sandwich Festival is a two-day festival full of food, dancing and a whole lot of fun. Get to experience a little bit of Tampa's Cuban roots at this international festival held in Hillsborough county. It has also gathered much fame as every year they attempt and successfully make the biggest Cuban sandwich. Last year it was 170 feet long! In addition to that, the delicious and lengthy lunch gets donated to feed over 3000 homeless people. There is not only food; music and art surround the festival, all celebrating Cuban pride. Remember to check out the website for any updates on location and dates.   

Tampa has unique approaches to its festivities, beginning with its Gasparilla pirate festival. There are many more throughout the year, so keep an eye out in case you happen to find yourself bored in your apartment. Be sure to check out the list of Tampa festivals listed on Everfest if you are in the search for other festivities happening near your apartment.

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