How can I look for St. Pete Apartments?

Located in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg is the second largest city in the Bay area. Known as a favorite vacation destination for those looking to enjoy the Florida sunshine, the neighboring beach city sits on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and the Tampa Bay area, making trips out to the warm waters convenient and close.

Are you searching for St. Pete apartments? St. Pete offers a wide variety of homes ranging from historic quarters to luxury lofts and suburban retreats. Now, how do you find St Pete apartments?

Finding St. Pete apartments is a relatively easy process. As a result of becoming such a popular vacation spot, many apartment communities have sprung up throughout the city, especially the downtown area. The complexity of your search lies on where specifically you would like to live.

If you are looking to be closer to the Tampa neighborhoods, there are several major roadways and bridges that makes your commute to downtown, Tampa and the airport an smooth drive. These roadways consist of the Gandy Bride, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and the causeway. Living near any of these bridges and interstates will allow you to travel in and out of town in no time.

St. Pete apartments located in downtown St. Pete are surrounded by bars, restaurants, shopping, and luxury sky rise buildings. USF, St. Pete College, and Stetson Law are all located near this area, creating a younger population of residents living in this neighborhood. Downtown is mixed with an eclectic blend of art, history and metropolitan culture. Although it is just minutes from the beach, it is more fast-paced and trendy. Homes in this location are pricy and may be harder to come by. To be near entertainment, stay near the campus locations or closer to the Old Northeast community.

If you're a beach lover, living near Ft. Desoto, and St. Pete beach may be well suited to your needs. Homes in this area can weigh on both sides of the spectrum. Just across the street from the water, properties tend to be older, smaller and very affordable. Alternatively, buildings right on the water are newer, more upscale and come at a high price.

Brandenton is a city just South of St. Petersburg. Properties in this neighboring city can be a much cheaper alternative than living in the heart of the city while still being minutes away from the beach. Many families tend to reside in this area due to its inventory of grade schools and family-friendly neighborhoods.

Overall, there are plenty of apartments near St. Pete to consider when looking to live in the city. Downtown is gaining popularity as the trendy spot, while beach towns and suburban areas are stable neighborhoods to look into. Bradenton is just South of the city and many find that living in this area can be quite affordable.

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