When searching for Clearwater apartments I noticed an upcharge for first floor units. Why do they cost more?

Clearwater apartments typically charge more for a first floor unit because they are in higher demand! They offer may benefits that the second and beyond floors do not. Why they may not often be the cheapest apartments, people choose these for many of the following factors.

Bottom line, first floor Clearwater apartments are more convenient. They are very easy to access and they do not require climbing up flights of stairs just to get to the front door. People who are visiting will appreciate the first floor more as well. Not only do they not have to exert themselves by climbing stairs, they are able to find your apartment easier than the top floors.

First floor Clearwater apartments tend to have better energy savings than their top floor neighbors. It’s basic science if you think about it; heat rises. This will definitely help you stay cooler for less during those hot Florida summer months. Even if you have to run your air conditioner during our usual heat waves, there are many tips on cutting energy costs that will help you in the long run. 

The benefit that definitely helps your back is the process of moving. Moving into a first floor apartment is a breeze compared to a second or third floor. Carrying a couch up four flights of stairs is beyond painful. By searching for first floor Clearwater apartments, you will be saving your friends, your time and your sanity.

First floor Clearwater apartments are such a time saver! You will never have to carry groceries or shopping spree bags up a flight of stairs. If you forget your wallet or phone in the morning, imagine living on the third floor. You would have to run all the way back up, second guessing your every move. With a ground floor apartment, there is only the hassle of unlocking your door. And of being so forgetful!

Another reason why first floor apartments are pricier than others is that they often offer many upgrades that the top floors do not. These include special features like hardwood floors or stainless steel appliances.

First floor apartments are very convenient for people with pets too. Imagine walking Fido down four flights of stairs to go to the bathroom on a cold night. On the ground floor, you can just walk right out your front door, let him do his business, and then get back inside with your blanket and heater!

While one of the drawbacks of choosing a first floor apartment is the more expensive price, the cheaper higher-floor units also have another advantage: They are quiet apartments. With no one living above you, stomping their feet or blasting loud music, you almost do not have to worry about any unwanted neighborly noise. So it is a trade-off that you must decide upon before moving into your new home.

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