How well can I game in Clearwater apartments?

Why are you concerned about how well you can game in Clearwater apartments? You are going to be living in Clearwater! The beach is literally five minutes away from your door; slap on some lotion and start tanning.

If by chance, however, your beach day happens to be ruined by rain; or if you are a Gollem-esque homebody like me, I will answer your question. You can game surprisingly well in Clearwater apartments. One of the great things about living in an apartment complex like the ones that Clearwater apartments provide, is that they have the community feel of a college dorm without the limitations.

Anyone who has tried to game in a dorm has probably run into a few issues, the first being problems with restriction. I remember trying to access Xbox live in my dorm just to have my college campus block it like some sort of piracy sharing program. You won't have this issue in any apartments in Clearwater, as apartment complexes don't have strict regulations on the internet like a school campus might. Hurray for independence!

In addition, you might also be worried about the Internet speed. All gamers like to use lag as an excuse when we do bad in a game, so it's frustrating when it's actually the reason. I can guarantee you that any Clearwater apartments are going to be better than a dorm.

That's not to say there might not be any Internet issues, like any apartment complex, residents of Clearwater apartments can experience a slowdown during peak hours. Your Internet can also be slowed down by having a lot of devices connected, either from your roommates or your sheer obsession of hoarding Wi-Fi technology. This isn't a problem for Clearwater apartments, it's a problem of apartment life in general.

That's not to say the Internet in Clearwater apartments is slow, it's actually very fast and stable pretty much all day round. Slowdowns can mostly happen around eight at night, when most people are home loading multiple YouTube tutorials and refreshing the front page on Reddit. While a major slowdown cannot entirely be avoided, you can make it better for yourself.

If most of your gaming is done during peak hours of Internet slowdown, it might be a good idea to set up your own separate Internet connection in Clearwater apartments. There are several cable companies, such as Cox, that offer customers the option to have their own roommate account. This way you don't have to worry about fighting your roommates to have the modem in your room, and can directly connect to it without slowing it down for everyone else.

All in all, gaming in any of the apartments in Clearwater is actually pretty easy. There are really no Internet problems to speak of, except for any that might happen on the cable company's end. If for some reason your Internet does happen to go down, there is always local multiplayer. Beware the split screen.

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