Is a Clearwater apartment a good place for me to raise my kids?

Living in a Clearwater apartment is a great choice for raising kids. You can take your kids outside almost every day of the year, unlike in many areas in the north. Here, you'll find plenty of fun outdoor activities, like canoeing, fishing, or going on a picnic. Your children may become little merpeople if you let them outside long enough – I know I spent many hours happily swimming in Florida as a child. Clearwater also offers other attractions, like museums, and movies for the little people.

Most apartments offer some kid-friendly amenities, such as pools, tennis courts, and even playgrounds. Our easy to use apartment search tool makes finding an apartment with these features simple. You can narrow your search by neighborhood, and also by specific amenities, like a playground. Finding the perfect Clearwater apartment for your family couldn't be easier! You can even see how close your apartment is to the beach by zooming in on the map provided. Once you choose a few that you love, contact them to set up a tour of the facilities. Bring your little ones along if you can. Hopefully, seeing a huge jungle gym will get them excited about the move, even if they haven't been before.

Of course, Clearwater offers plenty to do with kids outside of your Clearwater apartment. An obvious choice would be Clearwater Beach or one of the many surrounding beach areas. Your kids will be happy to spend hours playing in the waves, collecting shells, and building sandcastles. Even if your child is an only child, children often find friends to play with on public beaches. You may find that once you move to Clearwater, your relatives want to visit you more often. If this is the case – more playmates for your child! Living close to the beach in your Clearwater apartment, you may find your kid asking to play at the beach more than they ask to watch television. If you ask me, that is a sign of a great place to live.

As a final note - many of the activities suggested for your child involve water and swimming. If you are moving to Clearwater from somewhere with less water access, you should definitely make sure your child knows how to swim. Invest in some lessons or teach them yourself – but moving to Florida, your child needs to know how to be around and in the water safely. In some places, water safety isn't really an issue, but here, it's crucial.

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