Are there any green apartments in Clearwater?

If you are a person looking at Clearwater apartments that is conscious about the environment, then you may want to live somewhere that is just as conscious as you. There are several apartments in Clearwater that make a sufficient green effort in order to benefit the environment. The apartment complex that I would recommend looking into is Park Crest at Innisbrook.

Park Crest is an apartment complex in Clearwater that offers rooming from one to three people. It is a pet friendly complex, with lease options of nine and twelve month commitments. The units range in space from 800 to 1,352 square feet, with carpeted floors and tile in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Like some other apartments in Clearwater, the units in this complex come unfurnished, meaning you will have to bring your own furniture. There is however a cable TV provided in the living area. Units here are also centrally air conditioned, with ceiling fans in every room in order to combat the intense Florida heat. However being a green minded person, you can always turn the air off and just open the windows. You can also open up the balcony door for some fresh air, as units here come with either a balcony or patio.

As a resident here, you can expect to have access to your own private bathroom. The only exception would be if you lived with two roommates, as the only three person bedroom has two bathrooms. You will also have access to your own walk-in closet, which will provide you with plenty of space to store clothes and things not needed on a daily basis.

Sound great so far? Well we haven’t even looked at the green efforts of Park Crest. Out of all the apartments in Clearwater, Park Crest is the most green because of its recycling efforts. Unlike many other complexes, Park Crest encourages its residents to recycle properly in order to not be wasteful. Here residents have access to and are encouraged to recycle paper, glass, and plastic.

Another green feature of Park Crest is the easy access to public transportation. Residents here are encouraged to make use of this free transportation as an alternative to driving their own cars in order to lower the release of greenhouse gases. As an extra bonus, public transportation also keeps you spending less money on gas.

Unlike some other Clearwater apartments, Park Crest also offers a bunch of great outdoor amenities that an environment lover like yourself may enjoy. There is a swimming pool as well as a hot tub for when you just want to relax in the sun. There are community grills for cooking outside, as well as a picnic area. The complex even has a golf course, which can be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Overall Park Crest is a great place for anyone who cherishes the environment. With its great green features and amenities, it may just be the right place for you. If you find however that the complex doesn’t really suit your lifestyle, there are other good apartments in Clearwater to consider. If you need help searching through all the different options, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Renttampabay.

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