What are the rules for having a grill on a balcony or patio?

One of the best things about living at apartments in Clearwater is the weather! Here in Florida we are truly lucky to have great weather year-round. Why wouldn't you want a patio or balcony so you can enjoy? There are many outdoor activities and one of the most popular includes grilling. However, you should be aware of the rules set in place for grills allowed on patios and balconies at apartments in Clearwater.

While some apartments in Clearwater may allow the use of grills on patios or balconies, many do not. There are fire code rules and regulations in place that prohibit the use of indoor grills and/or on covered patios or balconies. These rules are put in place for the safety of the residents and the entire community and typically pertain to charcoal or gas grills.

Patios and balconies at apartments in Clearwater are not always necessarily the largest space. Some are covered, some are screened and some may even be enclosed on three sides. With that in mind, a gas or charcoal BBQ grill poses a huge threat if an accidental fire were to break loose. This not only jeopardizes your apartment and personal belongings, but also the livelihood of everyone in your apartment community.

While danger of a fire is one reason that apartments in Clearwater may have a no grill policy, smoke allergies of residents may be another one. If your neighbor is allergic to smoke, he or she does not want to have to deal with the smoke from you're a-bit-too-well-done hamburgers seeping up through the balcony cracks.

While it may seems like a bummer that you cannot utilize a BBQ grill on your patio or balcony, many apartments in Clearwater do offer community grills in very convenient areas. A lot of community BBQ grills are located by the swimming pool. This makes for a great atmosphere and offers additional activities for your family and friends. BBQ grills by the pool are a great way to socialize and meet your neighbors as well. A lot of communities even hold pool parties and will grill out for their residents. It's great because it takes the hard work out of enjoying delicious grilled food!

Some apartments in Clearwater also offer BBQ grills in different locations throughout the community. They can often be found in areas with nice landscape, such as near a park or with water views. Another great place to enjoy a community BBQ grill is near a playground so your children can entertain themselves while you finish up dinner.

For you grill masters out there who are sad at the fact of losing the ability to grill right outside your back door, there is one option that you may be interested in. You can always purchase an electric grill, since they do not require fire or gas. These are typically allowed on balconies and patios, but be sure to check with your apartment office first before purchasing. These can be found at your local hardware store or anywhere else grills are sold.

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