Where can I find a high rise to live in?

Just as in any town, St. Petersburg is home to a metropolitan down town area that will still give you a taste of the city while allowing you to experience the beach side of town within a minutes drive! If you are craving for modern towers with breathless views, a high-rise in the St. Petersburg area, will be the perfect place to search for your new home! Skyline fifth apartments is located on 33rd street and is in the Northern area of St Pete which can make commuting to Tampa a bit easier. This community is more upscale, modern, and has amazing views. For being a high-rise apartment, it is very affordable and will definitely give you a taste of city living! If you prefer to find more living communities such as this area, try using our search tools to find other similar living areas in the downtown area. All you have to do is use our map to locate which downtown area you like best. Once you select your area, a list of possible living communities will appear!

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