Are most apartments older in St. Pete?

The city of St. Pete is known for its vintage charm, full of brick paved pathways, hundred year-old homes and historic neighborhoods. However, there are plenty of newer and more upgraded apartments near St. Pete. If you are looking for newly built communities in St. Pete, you may want to begin your search in the downtown area. The downtown area has undergone recent expansion and growth As a result, a few new building have sprouted up. Near Tropicana Field, home to the Ray’s, is the Channel District. This area has become popular with young professionals. You can expect to find more luxury and newer communities in this area. If you are headed to the St. Pete area in hopes to find a vintage charmer with loaded of character, go no further than the Historic Old North East. You can expect this area to be a bit pricier in comparison to other surrounding neighborhoods. The historic Northeast is prime real estate for many new families, young professionals and hipsters a like. Other communities s near this area consist of Bahama Shores apartments, Barcley Estates, Historic Roser Park, Manolia Heights, and Snell Isle apartments, just to name a few.

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